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  1. Reptilia Garden
    by Sheonator Pseak
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Songs For Sudan (Fundraiser Album)
    by Bashir Al Gamar
    by ΕΥΤΕΡΠΗ
  4. Folk Music from Turkey
    by Various Artists
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Ai
    by Meszecsinka
  6. Meszecsinka
    by Meszecsinka
  7. Lullaby
    by Meszecsinka
  8. Álomban ébren / Awake in a dream
    by Meszecsinka
  9. Hajnalban / At dawn
    by Meszecsinka
  10. Pillantok halálomra / Looking at my death
    by Meszecsinka
  11. Kinyílok
    by Meszecsinka
  12. Állj bele a mélybe | Stand into the deep
    by Meszecsinka
  13. With light all over the world
    by Kanteleon
  14. The Budos Band V
    by The Budos Band
  15. Zerzura (Original Soundtrack Recording)
    by Ahmoudou Madassane
  16. Akaline Kidal
    by Ahmed Ag Kaedy
  17. Call of the Wild
    by Curawaka
    Lobos de la Tribu Lobos de la Tribu
    Warm, sweet, lively yet comforting.
  18. Rasti
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
  19. Asnakech
    by Asnakech Worku
  20. FARAN
    by Faran
  21. Fata Morgana
    by Faran
  22. Gather Me
    by Melanie
  23. Sound Meditation
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
  24. Negirdėta Lietuva
    by Saulius Petreikis
  25. Nomad
    by Fuji Spirit
    Gurudev Cabin Gurudev Cabin
    A favorite with staff and customers when we play it at the forest eco-resort shop where I work.
  26. Nova / 1999
    by MILA MAR
    appears in 1 other collection
  27. Haime / 2018
    by MILA MAR
  28. Bisting Tyva
  29. Shapeshifter
    by De Meru Tikal
  30. Eghass Malan
    by Les Filles de Illighadad
    Sooo good...Beautiful. My cats love it, too.
  31. Live from Vakok Állami Intézete
    by DzsinnKalaDzsi
    Bogoci (live from Vakok Állami Intézete) Bogoci (live from Vakok Állami Intézete)
    Intriguing from the first track and is now a favorite album. Wild, wonderful, and original.
  32. Jerusalem concert
    by Durbar
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Colours of the Night
    by Maalem Mahmoud Gania
  34. La Musique Electronique du Niger
    by Mamman Sani
  35. Ciclos de amor
    by Natalia Guayasamin
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Mara Aranda
  37. Sousoume Tamachek
    by Mdou Moctar
    Sousoume Tamachek Sousoume Tamachek
    Tuareg guitar at its sparest and sweetest, perfectly balanced with plaintive vocals and soft, hypnotic percussion. Beautifully done.
  38. KONA • pagan songs from North Ossetia
    by Collection Petites Planètes
    Куырттатаг хонгæ Куырттатаг хонгæ
    From the first track, I knew I needed this one. Joyful, fey, wild, lovely.
  39. Kirke
    by Lyre 'n' Rhapsody
  40. Awakening The Muse
    by Lyre 'n' Rhapsody
    Oson Zeis Oson Zeis
    Seeking refuge from illness, anxiety, and the desert heat, I found this music, like entering an ancient walled garden full of wise trees, cool shaded stone, fragrant flowers, and splashing fountains.
  41. In Search Of Divine Light
    by Divna
    Cherubic Hymn Cherubic Hymn
    Shining voices, flawless without being overly polished or contrived. Haunting, calming ancient harmonies.
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Loc
    by Perija
  43. I Am Servant of Your Voice: April 1917 - June 1918
    by Zabelle Panosian
  44. To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-30
    by Canary Records
  45. Puste noce
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
    Halele Halele
    Honest, comforting singing that drives out the stale, clinging dark and revives interest in the living earth.