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  1. Gisors, France
  2. Metal
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  1. Dimensions Obscure
    by Cadaveric Fumes
    A Crepuscular Journey A Crepuscular Journey
    Killer Death Metal, raw and atmospheric at the same time. A rising star of the French scene. Check it out !
  2. Nine Waves From The Shore
    by Celtachor
    The Landing Of Amergin The Landing Of Amergin
  3. Nuada Of The Silver Arm
    by Celtachor
    Arrival Of The Tuatha Arrival Of The Tuatha
  4. Of the Lost Heritage
    by Ocelon
    Amber Blood Amber Blood
    Stunning Folk Metal of the highest class !
  5. Castellum
    by Darkenhöld
    Majestic Dusk Over the Sentinels Majestic Dusk Over the Sentinels
    Excellent ! Epic Black Metal with atmospheric and medieval touches, very well produced and full of feelings ! A big trip ! Don't miss it !
  6. Dins ech cel d'Asteartia
    by sus scrofa
    Pagan sacrum facere Pagan sacrum facere
    In 1993-94, as a young Underground Metal supporter, I stumbled upon this on a compilation tape... Black Metal was on the rise, and in those magic times, some bands had something special to offer. Sus Scrofa was one of them with their pyrenean folk approach. Check this demo and enjoy the necro sound testimony of times when the Black Metal Underground meant serious musickal magick.
  7. Out of the Garden
    by Crypt Sermon
    Byzantium Byzantium
    A splendid album that confirms all the hopes placed in the demo. Excellent Epic Doom, definitely one of the highlights of the year.
  8. IV: Arrow in Heart
    by Aosoth
    IV-1. An Arrow In Heart IV-1. An Arrow In Heart
  9. Formulas of Death
    Vagina Dentata Vagina Dentata
  10. Demo MMXIII
    by Crypt Sermon
    Temple Doors Temple Doors
    Purely and simply : A MASTERPIECE of Epic Heavy Doom ! Fans of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Trouble : Do not miss it !
  11. Songs of Fate and Freedom
    by Forsaken Peddlers
    The Brave The Brave
    Killer Epic Doom !