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  1. Clouds Are Free
    by Crookram
    Safari Safari
    Crookram always delivers with dense layered masterpieces! Love his ear for those vintage era samples! Crookram, please keep making music in YOUR style! love it!!!
  2. Petals
    by Josh Furey
  3. Petals
    by Josh Furey
    Ossein Ossein
    You don't get much better than this, although i don't doubt the next Furey release will be better yet. A true masterpiece.
  4. The Great 388 (with bonus tracks!)
    by The Brothers Nylon
  5. 7-H
    by The Brothers Nylon
  6. The Brothers Nylon
    by The Brothers Nylon
  7. Crucial
    by Crucial
  8. Defórmica
    by Defórmica
    Motero Motero
    Wow, another great album from Defórmica. A little heavier this time, but with the same intricacies that make this band rock solid!
  9. CRuNCH 22
    by CRuNCH 22
    Dimitri Dimitri
    Love these guys! Great music, humor, classic but unique. It's amazing the sound they create with only three members. Funk/soul with a Middle Eastern twist, a great combo. I'll be keeping an eye on this band for sure!
  10. Pawn Shop
    by Pawn Shop
    Spliffgrim Spliffgrim
    Make no mistake, Pawn Shop is a force to be reckoned with. Originality, tight production, and clever instrumentation. Gypsy Funk? Who knew?
  11. Páramo
    by Defórmica
    Algo se lo lleva todo / Páramo Algo se lo lleva todo / Páramo
    Probably my favorite find on BC of all time. I love the instrumentation, unusual time signatures, and arrangements. Clearly all of them are very talented musicians, but I especially love the vintage keyboards here. Outstanding!
  12. Crooked Man
    by The Nothing
    Crooked Mile Crooked Mile
    Definitely one of my favorite beatmakers around. Always chill, memorable, never repetitive, always fresh. A must have if you are into the downtempo sound.
  13. Preparing for Capture
    by Illogic and Blockhead
  14. Complex Sanity of Man
    by The Nothing
    Animal Kingdom Dub Animal Kingdom Dub
  15. "escape from LoFly city"
    by DREDi
  16. Dday One - Loop Extensions Deluxe
    by Dday One
    Sea Change (Alternate Take) Sea Change (Alternate Take)
  17. Sigils
    by Dr. Quandary
    Litany Litany
  18. Beats and Trumpet
    by The Nothing and The Goldenhorn
    Its Yours Its Yours
  19. Dekard's Tale
    by The Nothing
    Esper Machine Esper Machine
  20. Jazz Hip Hop Instrumentals Volume 1
    by audiodoctor