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  2. Spring Snow
    by Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star
  3. Live! (sampler)
    by Anti-Cimex
  4. Live In Camden 2009 (sampler)
    by Amebix
  5. DEMO 2014
  6. L’âge de l’absolutisme
    by MMMD & Alem
  7. Συστοιχία Ελληνικών Συνθετητών σε Υγιή Παροξυσμό
    by Various Artists
  8. Crooked to Death (vol. III)
    by Stoned To Death
  9. Moments Forever Fading
    by Schacke
  10. The Hunger Artist Show
    by Gynoid
  11. Σημείο Μηδέν
    by Blakaut
  12. Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback
    by Vanessa Amara
  13. Noč Na Krayu Sveta
    by 夢遊病者
  14. Yxxan - Inverterat Korståg
    by Screaming Skull Records
  15. Máni - Litani
    by Screaming Skull Records / Ancient Entity Records
  16. Forgarđur Helvitis - Brenniđ Kirkjur
    by Screaming Skull Records
  17. Immolator - Descensus ad Inferos
    by Screaming Skull Records
  18. The Price You Pay E.P.
    by Ghetto Gospel
  19. Little Turtle's War
    by Pan-Amerikan Native Front
  20. Chapter One: Across The Mountains Of The Drämmarskol
    by Ancient Mastery