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  1. PREY EP
    Melting Melting
  2. Years
    by Bartholomäus Traubeck
    Fraxinus (Ash) Fraxinus (Ash)
  3. Ocean Death EP
    by Baths
  4. Flowers
    Flowers Flowers
  5. Ten Tigers
    by Bonobo
  6. Under Leaves Under Sky
    by Bossa Zuzu
  7. I
    by Darken Wood
  8. Immortelle
    by Deuter
    Monarda Monarda
  9. Zenith
    by Dexter Britain
  10. Making Noizz with Emily EP
    by Emily & The Noizz
  11. 20XX
    by Evan King
  12. Nectarines of Mercy
    by Extravision
  13. Fauna Flora
    by Fauna Flora
    The Mansard Roof and the Maple Tree The Mansard Roof and the Maple Tree
  14. Sun Giant
    by Fleet Foxes
    Mykonos Mykonos
  15. Fleet Foxes
    by Fleet Foxes
    Tiger Mountain Peasant Song Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  16. Helplessness Blues
    by Fleet Foxes
    Blue Spotted Tail Blue Spotted Tail
  17. Git Witt U
    by FS Green
  18. Autumn Bells
    by Gidge
    I Fell In Love I Fell In Love
  19. House / Hymn I
    by Heather Christian & The Arbornauts
  20. Meridian
    by The Helix Nebula