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Connor Shafran

  1. Lexington, Kentucky
  2. Electronic
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  1. Flora
    by Sean Renner
    Aspen B Aspen B
  2. Petal
    by Broke For Free
    Golden Hour Golden Hour
  3. XXVII
    by Broke For Free
    Tabulasa Tabulasa
  4. Every Day
    by The Cinematic Orchestra
    All That You Give All That You Give
  5. Cos that's how we do (EP)
    by Bill Bunkum
    Crackpot Crackpot
  6. Live In Athens
    by emancipator
    Lionheart (Live) Lionheart (Live)
    This album is so sick. I can't believe how good these tunes are live! Killer musicianship by everyone involved.
  7. The Big Blue Road Trip
    by Alex Schaper
    Future Homes Future Homes
    Some seriously good stuff here! Can't wait to hear what this guy does next.
  8. meadow:watt
    by KILN
    moth and moon moth and moon
    I've never heard anything like this. It's just so widely unique, I can't even describe it. Bravo!
  9. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
  10. EP
    by The Influence
    angels and arches angels and arches
    Some solid EP tracks! Can't wait to see where these guys go next.
  11. The Acid EP
    by The Acid
    Tumbling Lights Tumbling Lights
    I love the origin of this group. These guys are undoubtably creative geniuses, making some really incredible art. Buy this!!!
  12. Coffee Shop Selection
    by Gramatik
    In My City In My City
    This is one seriously groovy album. Great purchase!
  13. Chakra Waves
    by Prov
    Japanese Sky Lanterns Japanese Sky Lanterns
    Very peaceful music! I see a promising future for this artist.
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  14. syndicate
    by phrixious.
    spectre spectre
    Promising debut! Sierra is also tied for my favorite track.
  15. soon it will be cold enough
    by emancipator
    lionheart lionheart
    Favorite Track = All
    This is one of the best albums I've heard. It's both compositionally and technically beautiful. If you haven't bought this yet, you're doing something wrong.
  16. safe in the steep cliffs
    by emancipator
    all through the night all through the night
    Another fantastic album from emancipator. Seriously, this album is just stocked full of great ideas. Buy buy buy buy!
  17. Portraits
    by Maribou State
    Midas (feat. Holly Walker) Midas (feat. Holly Walker)
    Wow. These guys are going to explode soon. Incredible composition and production... and the singing is out of this world. 10/10
  18. Blonde
    by Cœur de pirate
    Adieu Adieu
  19. Live at the Moscow Hang festival
    by Nadishana-Kuckhermann Duo
    Inflected Inception Inflected Inception
    It's great to hear talented musicians truly exploring the possibilities of the the handpan and combining it with other beautiful instruments. Nadishana and David Kuckhermann play together with such comfortability and ease, it's hard to believe it's all live.
  20. Lay Your Dark Low
    by Salt House
    Katie Cruel Katie Cruel
    Beautiful album! I've been sharing it with all my friends lately. I think this band shows some real promise with such a strong debut album!
  21. ep4
    by Nerve
    Them Them
  22. ep1
    by Nerve
    catachresis catachresis
  23. Bike Lanes
    by Mairz
    Bike Lanes Bike Lanes