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Conner Treude

  1. Flagstaff, Arizona
  2. Electronic
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  1. Traversa
    by Geotic
  2. Conveyor
    by Conveyor
  3. Sunset Mountain (Eon Isle)
    by Geotic
    by HOLY FAWN
  5. Slappers Only!
    by Dollr Menu
  6. "three"
    by Diners
  7. "Always Room"
    by Diners
  8. If Summer Had A Daughter
    by Skye Rocket
  9. Reach for the Stars cover (feat. Skye Rocket, Jesse Pajamas)
    by Emi Jones
  10. Endless Possibility (feat. Jesse Pajamas)
    by Emi Jones
  11. REALMS
    by HOLY FAWN
  12. The Willow & The Builder
    by The Willow & The Builder
  13. Burial Mountain
    by Owl & Penny
  14. Hair
    by Math the Band
  15. Shoes
    by Math the Band
  16. No Thing
    by Math the Band
  17. Teeth
    by Math the Band
  18. A Shot Below the Moon
    by Green or Blue
    In Sooth In Sooth
    This album is intricate and genuine from start to finish. The vocals mixed with the melodies is masterfully done, and I can say that after discovering this band on a whim, my heart has been legitimately moved.
  19. Megaheart
    by Rocket Ship Resort
  20. Don't Worry
    by Math the Band
  21. Armor
    by Rocket Ship Resort & Double Cleff
  22. Dog Days
    by Gold Midas
  23. You And Me & The Seven Seas
    by Rocket Ship Resort
  24. Blizzard Blanket
    by Rocket Ship Resort
  25. Nostalgia
    by MONO
  26. Not The Beatles Yet (A Brief Introduction To Sledding With Tigers)
    by Sledding With Tigers
  27. You And Me & The Seven Seas
    by Rocket Ship Resort
  28. We Will All Become Dew