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Conner Currier

  1. Ambient
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  1. h ie r o gl y phs
    by Infinite Third
    subscriber exclusive
  2. V
    by Scale The Summit
    Stolas Stolas
  3. Stories
    by Masayoshi Fujita
    Story of Forest Story of Forest
  4. Paths We Take
    by Brian
    Woo Woo
  5. Juniper
    by Square Peg Round Hole
    A-Frame A-Frame
  6. Of Great Sorrow
    by Heiress
    Hover Hover
  7. 2014 Label Sampler
    by The Mylene Sheath
    Jakob - Blind Them With Science (taken from Sheath054, Sines 2xLP/CD/Digital) Jakob - Blind Them With Science (taken from Sheath054, Sines 2xLP/CD/Digital)
  8. Woum
    by Cloudkicker
    Intro to Woum Intro to Woum
  9. Let Yourself Be Huge
    by Cloudkicker
    Explore, be curious Explore, be curious
    I regard this as one of the most beautiful pieces of music to behold, ever, both audibly and physically. I bought the vinyl 10" and on the first spin I immediately heard the album in a completely different way than I did on digital. It's like a completely different album on vinyl than digital. People years later are going to "rediscover" Ben Sharp and realize what a complete musical genius he is.
  10. Corners
    by Square Peg Round Hole
    Big Thicket Big Thicket
  11. The Legend of Zelda
    by Cory Johnson
    Fairy Fountain Fairy Fountain
  12. What Wonder is this Universe!
    by the Soil & the Sun
    One Woman One Woman
  13. The Lost Sea
    by Right Away, Great Captain!
    Are You The Light? Are You The Light?
  14. Icaro (EP)
    by Icaro
    Matryoshka Matryoshka
  15. The Cradle (Deluxe Edition) bonus tracks
    by Colour Revolt
    8 Years (Live at Paste) 8 Years (Live at Paste)