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  1. AMMA
    by Puta Volcano
  2. Outlands
    by SUNNATA
  3. Out Of The Blue
    by Tuber
  4. Sleepwulf
    by Sleepwulf
  5. Fuzzwitch Ritual VOL I
    by Fuzzrious
  6. 4
    by Kvasir
  7. The Burden of Restlessness
    by King Buffalo
  8. The World Is A Rabbit Hole
    by Pil & Bue
  9. Forget the Past, Let's Worry About the Future
    by Pil & Bue
    No Is the Answer No Is the Answer
    It must be serendipity for this to finally show up on Bandcamp, because I recently scratched the hell out of my overplayed vinyl copy.

    Long live Pil & Bue!!!!!!!
  10. The Magnetic Ridge
    by Jack Harlon &The Dead Crows
  11. In Procession/Halcyon (Live Session)
    by Elder
    Halcyon (Live Session) Halcyon (Live Session)
    Simply jaw-dropping. Elder really are in top form these days!
  12. Making Love To Make Music To Make Love To
    by Hot Knives
  13. Opulent Decay
    by SPELL
    Sibyl Vane Sibyl Vane
    Trippy, dreamy prog rock that invades your brain to craft gothic tales of insanity, loneliness, and wonder.
  14. Passage of Mind
    by Ice Dragon
  15. Loaf of Head
    by Ice Dragon
  16. The Sorrowful Sun
    by Ice Dragon
  17. Ice Dragon
    by Ice Dragon
  18. The Soul's Midnight
    by Ice Dragon
  19. Dream Dragon
    by Ice Dragon
  20. Soma
    by Windhand