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  1. Morgue Party Time
    by Wiggy
    Alcatraz Disco Alcatraz Disco
    Once again Wiggy sticks two fingers up to any attempt at pigeonholing, Evoking everything from modern classical to new age, synth-pop & IDM. The second half of this album is a dark swirling thrill-ride that barely lets up, with the stand-out Alcatraz Disco sounding like Plaid at their most sinister. Powerful stuff.
  2. Wiggin's
    by Wiggy
    Vignol Vignol
    On first listen a slightly baffling departure from the more IDM oriented Gasman output but, once it 'clicks' you'll love it. Imagine a prog rock group instead of a lone multi-instrumentalist... An end-to-end jaunty listen BUT 'Vignol' is the stand out, reminding me of Alain Goraguer, if Alain Goraguer was tripping off his tits on too much jelly & ice-cream. Splendid stuff!!!
  3. Aeriform
    by The Gasman
    Fade Fade
    If you're going to make an 80s synth-pop album, the only way to do it is full-on with complete disregard for personal safety. With Aeriform, Chris has created a work of genius, a thumping monster of retro delight - from the 'Crash Head' era Mark Shreeve stylings of 'Fade' & the straight-to-VHS guilty pleasure of 'Fire' to the unashamedly boppy 'Hype'. Fab stuff!
  4. Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)
    by Huerco S
    A Sea Of Love A Sea Of Love
    Simply amazing. Has the swirling, brooding quality of early 80's Ryuichi Sakamoto instrumentals. 'Promises of Fertility' is the absolute standout track - a perfect brain-loop
  5. Doe
    by Yimino
    Doe [plaid mix] Doe [plaid mix]
    A great combination of delicate melodies and nicely layered accompaniment.

    The 'pounding' Plaid remix of Doe is simply amazing though.
  6. Music Sans Frontiers
    by Various Artists
    Run From Deep Run From Deep
    Hooked the moment Shadow Dancer fired up. Great music + good cause.
  7. Tropical eyes
    by Travel Kyoto
    Reminds me rather a lot of Sotte Bosse, but in a good way... as if Sotte Bosse had done interval music for BBC Schools Television.
  8. Example One
    by Listening Center
    Solaroid Solaroid
    Superbly original retro tunes. Music to read Kurt Rowland books by...