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  1. Cleaner Wave
    by a credible eye witness
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    Episode 6 Episode 6
    What's to say? I mean, this needs no introduction. A.C.E.W. at its finest!
  2. Selected Classics (Remastered 2017)
    by The Mover
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    Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Kaos) (Remastered 2017) Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Kaos) (Remastered 2017)
  3. From Reason to Ritual
    by Rude 66
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    I Represent The Darkness I Represent The Darkness
  4. We Have Arrived (Remastered 2017)
    by Mescalinum United
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    We Have Arrived (Remastered 2017) We Have Arrived (Remastered 2017)
    Welcome to twentyseventeen!
  5. Grid Connection
    by plant43
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    Grid Connection Grid Connection
    by Anthony Rother
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    God of the Gods (Full Audio) God of the Gods (Full Audio)
  7. (Murdercapital M-008) ELECTRONOME - Untitled
    by Electronome
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    Influence Influence
  8. The Stars are not for Humans (#IT-002)
    by Synth Alien
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    Look At The Stars Look At The Stars
  9. Signs of Decay 2
    by Legowelt, The Hacker, Crotaphytus, Impakt & Chris Moss Acid
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    Sodomacid Sodomacid
  10. Delusion
    by Beta Evers
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    Velvet Leaves Velvet Leaves
  11. Evocations
    by Unit Black Flight
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    Preternatural Convergence Preternatural Convergence
  12. Chasms
    by Black Pond
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    Touch Touch
  13. Signs of Decay
    by Helena Hauff-The Exaltics-Perseus Traxx-Drvg Cvltvre-Ekman
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    Culmination Of Frustration Culmination Of Frustration
  14. Discreet Desires
    by Helena Hauff
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    Sworn to Secrecy Part II Sworn to Secrecy Part II
  15. The Girl And The Chameleon
    by The Exaltics
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    The Eyes Of The Hydra The Eyes Of The Hydra
  16. (Viewlexx V-027) V/A - Test Pilot Vol. 2
    by Various
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    PANAMA BROWN - Theme From Panama Racing Club PANAMA BROWN - Theme From Panama Racing Club
    Seeing 'V2' makes me think about V1 and the thing this record really needed was some raw electronics by I-F...but times change...

    Panama Brown is the track for me, followed by the Closed Circle, which has become a usual suspect on the Hotmix labels.
  17. The Kill EP
    by Rude 66
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    Paranoia (Live at Moog, Barcelona 2015) Paranoia (Live at Moog, Barcelona 2015)
  18. Space Junk - NFL07
    by Dez Williams
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    Falling Upwards Falling Upwards
  19. Opal's Sunflowers
    by Visonia
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    Danse Avec la Lune Danse Avec la Lune
    by XOSAR
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  21. {zyntax 11} our old world is gone
    by anokie
    our old world is gone (mini-lp teaser) our old world is gone (mini-lp teaser)
  22. Inner Human (electro/electric funk)
    by Dagobert-MasterArp
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    Kraft Der Evolution Kraft Der Evolution
  23. Nightcall EP
    by Kavinsky
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    Nightcall Nightcall
  24. Rave Or Die 04
    by Minimum Syndicat / Umwelt
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    Antiworlds Antiworlds
    Well, ROD delivers again. At first I wanted this just for the MS track, but man, does Umwelt deliver or what. Can't pick a favorite. I'm hooked on that Moveresque sound + the lush strings in Antiworlds, but the raw nature of OTSHA4TRCS2XOX (what's in a name) pulls me in as well. So, no favorite, no choice, just rave....or die!
  25. When Future And Past Collapse - NF16
    by Umwelt
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    Conquest Of Darkness Conquest Of Darkness
  26. Totale Finsternis
    by Black Spider Clan
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    Whirling Around Whirling Around
    Ah yeah. The wait is over. A new outing from the K6 crew. What can you say...typical BSC style. If you like it, you'll love it. If not, get lost in finsternis
  27. Rave Or Die 03
    by Drvg Cvltvre & Umwelt
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    Guts Of The City Guts Of The City
  28. Return To The Sentient City. SEMANTICA 69
    by Plant43
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    Ascendant Machines Ascendant Machines
  29. Stockholm Synthdrone EP
    by Antoni Maiovvi
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    Antoni Maiovvi - Voodoo Voodoo Antoni Maiovvi - Voodoo Voodoo
  30. Sacrificio EP
    by DKMD
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    Mirrorball Massacre (Vercetti Technicolor Remix) Mirrorball Massacre (Vercetti Technicolor Remix)
    I bought it for Vercetti Technicolor's version of Mirrorball Massacre, but man, the other versions are equally as good as is the title track. Get it while it's hot (and still alive)
  31. Ceaseless 12400
    by Unit Moebius Anonymous / Yukai
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    Usumacinta Usumacinta
  32. The Truth 2008 - 2013 Collectors Edition Box
    by The Exaltics
  33. V.A. - Moog Your Body Vol.1
    by Polybius Trax
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    M'importa 1 Rave M'importa 1 Rave
  34. V.A. - Moog Your Body Vol.2
    by Polybius Trax
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    Minimum Syndicat - Underwater Minimum Syndicat - Underwater
  35. Tesseract EP (MS08)
    by The Kosmik Kommando, Minimum Syndicat
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    Insurgency Insurgency
  36. Black September
    by Vercetti Technicolor
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    Ambassadors Of Death Ambassadors Of Death
    It's a tough choice to point one favorite on this EP. Black September, (already familiar from a MinimalRome compilation) and Ambassadors Of Death are doing it for me. Loving the artwork too. More of this please!
  37. (Reference Analogue Audio HM-12115) The Acid Years (1994-1996)
    by Various
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    The American Lie The American Lie
  38. (Viewlexx V-026) Master Control (2015)
    by DJ Overdose
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    Girl In Trouble Girl In Trouble
  39. Twelve EP
    by The Exaltics
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    The New Beginning The New Beginning
  40. 5U1C1D3 EP
    by Ca†hedra
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  41. Scars of Intransigence
    by Plant43
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    Cavernous Bones Cavernous Bones
  42. Bass Agenda Vol 2: The War On Error (CD)
    by Various Artists
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    g13ck - Paax g13ck - Paax
  43. Volume 3
    by EOD
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Moon Moon
    by RAVE OR DIE
  45. (Murdercapital M-X) Submit X
    by Gesloten Cirkel
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Zombie Machine (Acid) Zombie Machine (Acid)