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  1. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Saint Karloff
  2. Lopasti Buddy (2019)
    by Menk.
    This must be the coolest psych from Russia that I've heard. The instrumentation is top notch, and those trippy tones on the guitar sound freakin' rad!
  3. Orbiter
    by Black Sky Giant
  4. Chaotic Divine
    by REZN
  5. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
    Windhand are Windhand, you go to them to get that specific sound that is theirs, and they keep on delivering. Great doom fest with beautiful singing and classic riffing. This album probably has the sleakest production to all of those before
  6. The Vanishing
    Heavy and dark!
  8. Infected Ambient Works
    by Catechism, REZN
    Damn, that's an unexpected gem! Loving the trip, hits me right where I like that sort of spacy ambientish music. Kinda hits close to those Blade Runner vibes I dig so much. Thanks guys!
  9. Nothing as the Ideal
    by All Them Witches
    Still can't decide on my favorite track, but this sure as hell is the best thing they did since Lightning at the Door! Fucking outstanding!
  10. Endless Vibing Jams
    by The Black Wizards
    The Great Escape The Great Escape
    Following since the Red Smoke in 2018, and these guys hit home once again!
  11. Under Acid Hoof
    by Acid Mammoth
  12. Casus
    by Nekad
    Kkad gan jau...
  13. >>z
    by vvz
    Dzeguze Dzeguze
    VVZ go for a new sound, and I dig it a bunch!
  14. Twist the Bliss
    by Pressor
    It's different... I like it.
  15. C O N T R O L
    by Tesa
  16. Herbal Noise
    by Hadewijch
    Be patient
  17. Wicker Hymns 2
    by Opel
    Really cool psychedelic folk sound, check it out if you're into that sort of retro mellow vibe
  18. Halcyon Daze
    by River Cult
    The Sophist The Sophist
    Man, does this thing go into sonic trips! Love it! The tones these guys get are inspiring. And I'm also loving the drums on this one. A must have for fuzzy psych doom lovers!
  19. Scarlet
    Lava Lava
    Heavy and with attitude! Smh tripping balls on that solo in Vermillion - it sounds so oldschool
  20. Tierra del Fuego - EN VIVO
    One of the best live records I've heard, that happens to be a live of one of the best records I've heard. The tones are outstanding!