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Colonel Nocturnal

  1. New Westminster, British Columbia
  2. Metal
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  1. Always Faithful (Split 7" w/ Purge)
    by Jarhead Fertilizer
  2. Opiate Conquest
    by Jarhead Fertilizer
  3. Product of My Environment
    by Jarhead Fertilizer
    Life is a Prison Life is a Prison
  4. Infernal Death Manifest
    by Burialkult
  5. The Ruination Of Imperialism
    by Terminal Nation / Kruelty
    Terminal Nation - Embalmed Crucifix Terminal Nation - Embalmed Crucifix
  6. The Afterthought Ecstasy
    by First Fragment
    Obsolete Ascendancy Obsolete Ascendancy
  7. Dasein
    by First Fragment
  8. Le Serment de Tsion
    by First Fragment
  9. Gloire Éternelle
    by First Fragment
    Solus Solus
  10. Language of Molting Cherubs
    by Full of Hell
  11. The Annex of Ire
    by Neck of the Woods
    Crosshairs Will Shift Crosshairs Will Shift
  12. Bloodmines
    by Baptists
  13. Beacon of Faith
    by Baptists
    Vicarious Trauma Vicarious Trauma
  14. Demo 2019
    by Groza
  15. Lunacy Magnified
    by Groza
    Ego Delusion Ego Delusion
  16. World of Sorrows
    by Dungeon Serpent
  17. To See Your Beauty Fade
    by A Mourning Star
  18. Aperture Of Body
    by Tomb Mold
    Aperture Of Body Aperture Of Body
  19. Promo 2022
    by Reversed
  20. Ruinous Power/Iogsothep
    by Covenant Records
    Butcher's Nails Butcher's Nails