This is colo_nyakkee’s music collection on Bandcamp.


  1. Rock
  1. collection 123
  2. followers 3
  3. following 111
    by ルー・ガルー Loup garou
  2. 心臓抜き L'Arrache-cœur(Loup garou ver.)
    by ルー・ガルー Loup garou
  3. サナトリウムハウスで / at the Sanatorium House
    by ナカムラルビイ / Ruby Nakamura
  4. アーリーサマー early summer (Loup garou ver.)
    by ルー・ガルー/Loup garou 
  5. 遠征 / The Expedition
    by 平沢進 / Susumu Hirasawa
  6. Chatbot Baby/ Malfunction
    by Buffalo Daughter
  7. RUBEDO/ALBEDO -Songs for FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2019, 2021-
    by 平沢進+会人 / Susumu Hirasawa + EJIN
  8. Milky Way
    by SARI
  9. Bumpire
    by Amp-mutation
  10. Another Story Of Dystopia Romance + Remixes
    by Haruna Yusa
  11. Jeopardy
    by SARI
  12. Galaxy Heart
    by Jessica Moss
  13. As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time
    by Liturgy
  14. Music For Four Guitars
    by Bill Orcutt
  15. Remnants Of Chris
    by Undo K From Hot
  16. Dumb Little Fucker
    by Undo K From Hot
  17. Everett David
    by Them Airs
  18. VR Fletching
    by Them Airs
  19. Exploded Whip
    by Them Airs
  20. Chu Chu Song
    by Otoboke Beaver おとぼけビ~バ~