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  2. Electronic
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  1. Speak, Moment
    by Dave Harrington, Max Jaffe, Patrick Shiroishi
  2. Silhouette Dance
    by Arnheim
  3. Exit Simulation
    by Niecy Blues
  4. Rainbow
    by Champagne Dub
  5. Muito Sol
    by Ricardo Dias Gomes
  6. Nicole / Overwhelmed by the Unexplained
    by Nino Gvilia
  7. Guerrinha - Exposição Popular
    by 2 Headed Deer
  8. Yirinda
    by Yirinda
  9. Betamax Vs Clive Bell
    by Betamax Vs Clive Bell
  10. Coma Wong
    by Coma World
  11. Island in the Storm
    by Mia Doi Todd
    This beauty is worth taking five minutes to enjoy.
  12. NEY
    by NEY
    Listen to the water Listen to the water
    Mashing together an unapologetic use of musical instruments, a spontaneous collective mindset, and the use of different locations to further settle in the target aura of the album, NEY is a perfect concoction of raw musical prowess at its finest.
  13. Anamnesis
    by Heavy Cloud
  14. Moons Melt Milk Light
    by Anenon
    Moons Melt Milk Light Moons Melt Milk Light
    At first glance, Moons Melt Milk Light seems like a simple and straightforward acoustic album. But this is just a facade that hides a poignant and expressive work that evokes your deepest emotions. This album shows Anenon at his artistic best, demonstrating both his creative genius and maturity as a composer.
  15. Paper Room / High Carry
    by Arnheim
    Paper Room Paper Room
    Late-night grooves from the talented but under the radar London-based producer.
  16. Potion Trigger
    by Rave At Your Fictional Borders
    new in town new in town
    Now on his third release of 2023, the prolific Dave De Rose shows no signs of slowing down on his musical journey.
  17. For Chaching Taphed
    by sneaky jesus
    Hipotetyczny Taras Hipotetyczny Taras
    Operating at the cutting edge of modern jazz music, sneaky jesus deserves immense credit for crafting a thrillingly diverse album that keeps you guessing.
  18. Lines
    by Akusmi
    Secant Secant
    Lovely, unwinding compositions that sway from jazz to classical, ambient and fourth world. It's definitely an album you need to spend some time with.
  19. Sun Arcs
    by Blue Lake
    Rain Cycle Rain Cycle
    ‘Sun Arcs’ takes you on an adventurous ride through this thoroughly chilled, one-of-a-kind sound space that will make your ears perk up and your feet tap along.
  20. The Odd River
    by Helen Svoboda
    Pick Me Pick Me
    Svoboda continues to explore unconventional sounds and ways to play her instrument. This new body of work is a 29-minute experiment with genres, sounds, textures, and moods. A true work of art.