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  1. Alcyone
    by Charlie May
  2. New Moscow Underground
    by Neon Insect
  3. Love & Decay
    by Spotlights
    The Particle Noise The Particle Noise
    My new favorite band.
  4. Behemoth
    by Charlie May
  5. Jettison Mind Hatch
    by Tipper
    Sahra Sahra
    Another transcendental masterpiece from Dave!
  6. The Great Unknown
    by 123 Astronaut
    Great riffs!
  7. Short Back And Sides
    by Charlie May
    Panax Panax
    Lovely collection of Ambient pieces from Charlie, ranging from drone smears to dissonant eeriness and floaty guitar experiments. Highly enjoyable background fodder!
  8. Rich File
    by Rich File
    Only The Lucky Ones Only The Lucky Ones
    Lovely to hear Rich's song writing evolve into this solo effort. A great collection of songs, and dare I say... catchy? Yes indeed.
  9. Corruption Of Form
    by Rhys Fulber & Blush Response
  10. A Riveting Protest
    by Riveting Music
    Monkey Gone to Heaven Monkey Gone to Heaven
    Get it for the new Chemlab, stay because the rest are ace too :)
  11. Don't Die, Don't Kill Anyone
    by Hi-Fi Bugs
    Hi-Fi Bugs were a staple in my DJ sets once upon a time ago... wicked to hear this get a release, takes me back!
  12. Gaté
    by Digital Gnosis
    Degrees Degrees
    This scratches an itch for me that doesn't get itched much these days in Electronic Music. Gaté is full of lush and thoughtful electronics that updates (continues?) those 'electronica' vibes from the 90s. FSoL, Fluke and (early) Way Out West fans will find much to like here.
  13. The Friction
    by 123 Astronaut
    Invincible Invincible
    This is great to hear Jeff again, and the song writing on this is ace!
  14. Now That's What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019
    by Glitch Mode Recordings
    Strange Eternal Strange Eternal
    Great stuff from GM!
  15. Beautiful Noise
    by stereospread
  16. Fifteen
    by SPC ECO
    Fifteen Fifteen
    Dean and Rose keep getting better and better, hard to find a bad tune on this!
  17. Standalone
    by Standalone
    Abigale Abigale
    Who knew Steven could croon? Excellent effort all around.
  18. Creation
    by The Daysleepers
    The Memorymaker The Memorymaker
    Nice to find that, via a best-of-2018 list, The Daysleepers are back! Great record, picks up right where Jeff left off. Nicely done!
  19. Little Ones
    by SPC ECO
  20. Fields Of Madness
    by Toydrum
    T6 T6
    Brillant, cerebral and captivating across all 7 cuts. Love this Lennon cover/twist + the collaboration with Alex of Black Angels is dreamy. Buy it!
  21. Be Rich
    by Cocksure
    Shockroach Shockroach
    Novak and Connelly deliver a fun, cheeky and oh so infectious record!
  22. Parks On Fire (Hybrid Remix)
    by Trifonic
  23. Frames 7 - 9
    by Bassbin Twins
  24. Frames 4 - 6
    by Bassbin Twins
    Frame 6: 170 Frame 6: 170
  25. Warped
    by Wendy Rae Fowler
    Hollow Hollow
    Picking up where WFtE leaves off, Warped is a beautifully somber offering that swells with the emotion of a psychedelic come down. Well done indeed.
  26. Frames 1 - 3
    by Bassbin Twins
    Frame 3: Bmp Rmx Frame 3: Bmp Rmx
    slick sh*t per usual from Pete.
  27. Glitches
    by Neon Insect
    LLTQ (f. Leaether Strip) LLTQ (f. Leaether Strip)
    Brutally good stuff!
  28. Bleak Mid Winter
    by SPC ECO
  29. Hand In Hand EP
    by Synkro
  30. The Dust Trial
    by _the boundless_
    Breath Breath
    Nice blend of harsh synthesizers with hypnotic drum programming. Fans of music with a 90s "electronica" feel will definitely enjoy this one.
  31. Calm
    by SPC ECO
    Rising Up Rising Up
    A wall of atmosphere, a rush guitars, and haunting vocals from Rose... what more do you want?
  32. In Passing
    by Underfelt
  33. ununiform
    by Tricky
    Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite and Tati) Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite and Tati)
    Tricky's post-Domino catalog is going from strength to strength. A return to form. Who knew a cover of Hole would work so well on a Tricky record? Buy this.
  34. Meet Mr. Hate
    by Seibold the Terrible
    Superdrama Superdrama
    I'm not one for most "un-plugged" renditions of bands, but Steven manages to keep the energy and "spunk" of Hate Dept. alive in these reworkings. Really fun.
  35. Gradient Ascent
    by royb0t
    Full Steel Enclosure Full Steel Enclosure
    Both futuristic and nostalgic, royb0t is a master of manipulated electronics. An album worthy of a place in any "Electronica" fan's collection.
  36. Uppercut
    by OHMelectronic
    So good!!
  37. Flunked
    by Tipper
    Virga Virga
    Inspiring as always!
  38. Anomalies
    by SPC ECO
    Silent Maybe Silent Maybe
    Very solid record all around!
  39. Heretic Hypocrite
    by Cocksure
    Brutally good stuff from Novak & Connelly!
  40. Favourite Colour EP
    by SPC ECO
    Trouble Trouble
    Nicely made down tempo grooves from Dean and Rose.
  41. To Believe feat. Moses Sumney
    by The Cinematic Orchestra
    Great to hear something new from Cinematic Orchestra! Beautiful work.
  42. Only Heaven feat. Roots Manuva
    by Coldcut
    What a perfect collaboration!
  43. The Inception
    by ODDHUMS
    Wounds Wounds
    There's something familiar to be heard within ODDHUM's arrangements of moody, gloomy rock. But instead of being overly nostalgic, they manage to push forward with a great first EP. Can't wait to hear more.
  44. The Void
    by Tokyoidaho
    Doorways To Tomorrow Doorways To Tomorrow
    It's hard to be unique within the state of things lately, and even harder to still make your work accessible, but Peter & co. do just that. One of my favorite voices I've heard since discovering Voyager One. Glad to have new music from these guys.
  45. Salome
    by Marriages
    Love, Texas Love, Texas