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Kahuna Cole

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  1. take me to your leader
    by the del roswells
    Just made for a nice 3 hour surf sesh!! Hang Ten!!
  2. Tubular Spectacular
    by HJ & The Constellations
    Tubular dudes!! Music to set up for the deep stand-up tube ride!
  3. Belharra
    by The Longboards
    A nice surfy track that gets me in the mood to have a saltwater washdown at my favorite beachbreak!!
  4. Instroinfection
    by The Longboards
    Surf's up a la Fender Guitars!!
  5. El Guitarrista Fantasma
    by The Beach Berserkers
    Latin Surf Surfari Time!!
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  6. Brand New Speedos
    by The Beach Berserkers
  7. One Summer (to Rule Them All)
    by The Beach Berserkers
    Nice mellow nostaligic surf!! Get that noserider waxed up, and paddle out tomorrow for a smooth glassy early morning session!! Hang Ten!!
  8. Casino Coral
    Smau Sound Smau Sound
    Some nice stompers on this set!! Especially enjoy the revved up version of Smau Sound!! Kahoonabunga dudes!!
  9. The Reverbly Ones
    by The Reverbly Ones
    Ghost Hope Ghost Hope
    Some enjoyable surfy tracks on this surf set!! Some great covers and some nice originals. Surf's up in France!!
  10. Typhoon
    by Satan's Pilgrims
    Typhoon surf making up offshore!! Get ready for the double overhead dawn patrol!! Live to surf and surf to live!!
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  11. Hound of the Baskervilles
    by Messer Chups
    Sherlock Holmes theme song while looking for "The Hound" in the moors. Surfs up in the peat bog!
  12. The Mysterians
    by Messer Chups
    Another spooky hit from Messer Chups.
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  13. Midnight Preacher
    by Messer Chups
    Surf's up in St. Petersburg! Grab a board and get wet!!
  14. 25000 Gallons of Paranoia
    by Cheap Violent Cats
    Grungy lo-fi surf!! A familiar South of The Border melody for watching a Pacific sunset somewhere on the Baja Peninsula after a day of surfing to near exhaustion!!
  15. Dorado
    by Ethan Luck
    Spaghetti Western surf for my next sand surfari to Death Valley!! Nicely played with enough Reverb to ring the bell!! Shaka!!
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  16. Varannan damernas
    by Maeds Dominos
    Dig the vibe and get wet in the reverb!!
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  17. Hurricane
    by JJ and the Trash Dogs
    A nice cover of the classic Hurricane!! Boomshaka!!
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  18. Rolling With The Creeps
    by Girl Over Planet
    Another spooktacular Fender guitar surfing sonata!!
  19. The Contest
    by Los Daytonas
    More vintage vibes from Los Daytonas!! Surf's Up!!
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  20. Wheelin' Home
    by Los Daytonas
    Music for an outing at the Irwindale Dragstrip!! When the surf's down it's time to take that muscle car to the strip and make a few runs down the asphalt aisle!!