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  1. Lacross Street
    by Lounger 150
    Identical Yawns Identical Yawns
    by Little Kid
    the fourth the fourth
  3. Landwerk No. 2
    by Nathan Salsburg
    VI (The Rocks of Redemption) VI (The Rocks of Redemption)
    absolutely spellbinding stuff. music to create art to and also contemplate your existence on this mortal coil
  4. The Clearing
    by TransFX
    Highland Ave Highland Ave
    one of my favorite records, perfectly groovy and timeless
  5. Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984
    by Mamman Sani
    Samari Da Yan Matan Samari Da Yan Matan
    moody lofi organ jams for any gloomy day
  6. Your Hero Is Not Dead
    by Westerman
    The Line The Line
    incredibly sublime tunes, so great to see westerman come into his own. can faithfully say this is my album of the year
  7. Transfiguration Highway
    by Little Kid
    I Thought That You'd Been Raptured I Thought That You'd Been Raptured
    little kid bringing their best in any year of our lord. big ups on the first vinyl pressing
  8. Paradise Gardens
    by White Poppy
    Hawk Hawk
    so remincient of early 2010s dream pop/chillwave, but with far more artistry
  9. Morabeza Tobacco
    by Morabeza Tobacco
    super immersive dream pop with the right of amount hazy synths. there for the nights at the end of spring
  10. Really Well
    by Mauno
    the guitar tone and vibraphone to whisk you away into autumn. - but honestly now its fit for any time of year
  11. Ivan Ave - Double Goodbyes
    by Ivan Ave
    On The Very Low On The Very Low
    ivan is absolutely blowing my mind with this shit right now
    by Nick Hakim
    the most organic step forward into the soulful abyss
  13. Interstate 8
    by Modest Mouse
    Edit the Sad Parts Edit the Sad Parts
    a seminal release in my life, with one of my favorite songs of theirs
  14. Resavoir
    by Resavoir
    Plantasy Plantasy
    got hooked on that 11 minute escalator track from over the summer, and this whole album expanded on that in ways i never couldve imagined
  15. Live on The Green
    by Sam Wilkes
    Sivaya Sivaya
    wilkes and gendel are some of the most exciting musicians out there right now. an incredible performance with an incredible narrative behind it
  16. Hallow Tongue
    by CRUMBS
    Born In A Goldmine Born In A Goldmine
    a perfect and spooky autumn gem that still holds up all these years later
  17. True
    by Solange
    Bad Girls (Verdine Version) Bad Girls (Verdine Version)
    80s pop perfection
  18. Lost In The Walled City
    by Arthhur
    Lost In The Walled City Lost In The Walled City
    this band and also cum town has damaged my brain in all the correct ways
  19. Codex
    by ginla
    Infinite Infinite
    the kind of pop that calls back to you at the strangest times, but its always worth it
    by Kokoroko
    Ti-de Ti-de
    this is some highlife at its most crafted. every single piece curated to a perfect groove