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  1. Dang Sun EP
    by BAVE
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    Frank, Eh? Frank, Eh?
    If you don't like this record, you're wrong.
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  2. TJ
    by Laurel Ave.
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    Newspaper Newspaper
    A nice collection of emo songs. I really liked the change from straight time to swing on the song, "Newspaper," and the harmonies/double tracking on the rest of the record. The overdriven vocals on tracks like "Ghosts and Seashells" was a nice touch too.
  3. Robosoul
    by Celestaphone
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    More Gear More Gear
    Very smooth. Nice pacing.
    Instrumental Hip-Hop songs often overstay their welcome, but this album doesn't have that issue. I was expecting a more techno-influenced album from the title, but this has more of a swinged, soulful, classic hip-hop sound. For me, this is a good thing. Great record.
  4. The Grand Upheaval (Demo)
    by Between Forms
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    Irako Irako
  5. Getting Well
    by Passage To India
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    My Little Heart My Little Heart
  6. Part I: They're Not Going to Like Us, But They're Damn Sure Going to Remember Us.
    by Just Plurals
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    Justin, Baby Boy Justin, Baby Boy
  7. Operation: Genesis
    by Euphoria
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    Theoretical Conception Theoretical Conception
  8. Alban B. Clay (2014)
    by The Slaughterhouse 5
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    Alban B. Clay The Artisté Alban B. Clay The Artisté
  9. Medium Bastard
    by You Slut!
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    Pitch & Putt With You Slut! Pitch & Putt With You Slut!
  10. B+W
    by Fervidity
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  11. Suburban Sickness EP
    by The Reckless Scamps
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    Death Dance Death Dance