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  1. 19-83
    by haircuts for men
  2. Marlowe 2
    by Marlowe (L'Orange & Solemn Brigham)
  3. Monster
    by Andrew Huang
  4. UNTITLED (Black Is)
    by SAULT
  5. Far From Home
    by Hugo Kant
  6. Roots [EP]
    by Beard of Harmony
  7. Tasmanian Glow
    by Strawberry Girls
    I fear people will compare this to the work of another band in particular but I feel this work does enough to differentiate itself to be considered its own thing.

    I immediately gelled with what this band was offering and in under an hour I had already purchased this album.

    Congratulations guys! I may even learn a few of these songs on guitar!!
  8. potage / On the boom
    by tricot
  9. Blackbeard
    by Brunt
  10. Grinding Gears, Vol. 2
    by Rabea Massaad
  11. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
  12. Living
    by Andrew Huang
    Grimes Hard
  13. Summertime Feeling
    by Andrew Huang
    Summertime Feeling Summertime Feeling
    Bops Hard
  14. Giant Dwarf
    by Giant Dwarf
    Golden Walrus Golden Walrus
    I can't get Josh Homme or QOTSA out of my head and this scratches that itch just perfectly while deviating enough to stand out on its own.
  15. The Call of the Void
    by Cracked Machine
    Kirimu Kirimu
    A great Psychedelic / Progressive Rock / Metal album.

    Can't wait to hear what this band has up their sleeve next!
  16. Canoes & Queens
    by Morning Of The Earth
    Soul Slayer Soul Slayer
    Dipping my toes into Australian Hip-Hop!
  17. GATE 13
    by DEL + AMP LIVE
    Help is one of the most beautiful and real tracks Iv'e ever heard.
  18. The Sea
    by Somali Yacht Club
    Blood Leaves a Trail Blood Leaves a Trail
    As a Tool, Karnivool and A Perfect Circle fan this and The Sun are a must own!
  19. The Sun
    by Somali Yacht Club
    Signals Signals
    As a Tool, Karnivool and A Perfect Circle fan this and The Sea are a must own!
  20. Fire by the Silos
    by Toska
    When Genghis Wakes When Genghis Wakes