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  1. Requiem - Pianissimo
    by Virgin Black
  2. Hypnagogia
    by EVOKEN
  3. Sanctuary in the Depths
    by Solemn They Await
  4. Nil
    by 0 X í S T
  5. Each Failing Step
    by Collapse Of Light
  6. When Death Comes
  7. Black Soil (2018)
    by Apathy Noir
  8. Funeral Impressions
    by Frowning
  9. Transience
    by Shylmagoghnar
  10. The Sky Over
    by Void of Silence
  11. Toward the Dusk
    by Void of Silence
  12. The Last Way
    by ENNUI
  13. Aeons in Tectonic Interment
    by Tyranny
  14. Dust of Aeons (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS (International)
  15. Where Sorrow Grows
    by Within the Fall
  16. Horizonless
    by Loss
  17. Palimpsests
    by Vin de Mia Trix
  18. Eye of Solitude | Marche Funèbre
    by Eye of Solitude | Marche Funèbre
  19. Loathe
    by Façade
  20. Ashes You Leave "Songs Of The Lost"
    by Sleaszy Rider
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Rotting Christ "A Dead Poem" CD OUT OF STOCK
    by Sleaszy Rider
  22. Aeternum Vale
    by Doom:VS
  23. At Every Door
    by Hanging Garden
  24. 1000 FUNERALS "Butterfly decadence"
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.
  25. CONSUMMATUM EST "Hypnagogia"
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.
  26. Parthenope
    by SCUORN
  27. In the Shadows of Things
    by Walk In Darkness
  28. Opaque
    by Nailed To Obscurity
  29. Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun
    by Falling Leaves
  30. Chapters EP
    by Kostas Panagiotou
  32. Open the Passages in Dusk
    by Profetus
  33. To Drown
    by Marche Funèbre
  34. Ea Taesse
    by Ea
  35. FÆMIN
  36. Further Nowhere
    by Cold Insight
  37. Fortitude.Pain.Suffering
    by Deos
  38. IV - Mythologiæ
    by Slow
  39. First Funeral
    by Aphonic Threnody
  40. 1917
    by Gherzen
  41. Promo 2010
    by (EchO)
  42. Head First Into Shadows
    by (EchO)
  43. Alien World
    by Below the Sun
  44. Nausea
    by Imber Luminis
  45. oltreLuna
    by Progenie Terrestre Pura