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  1. 10月EP October EP
    by SPC ECO
    Tied And Twisted Tied And Twisted
    Amazing swirling loops, drills and drones. Like public electrocution. Play at maximum volume only. This is love. Definitely in my top 5. Keep the bass coming. Love always, Blackerby
  2. 9月ST - Sept Soundtrack
    by SPC ECO
  3. Blindfold EP - Bootleg Series Vol 1
    by Curve
    Speak Your Every Word Speak Your Every Word
    Love these originals and the extra seconds of music. I love the extended rap and Toni’s words and the end. Love and miss you Toni.
  4. 8月EP-AUG EP
    by SPC ECO
    All You Ever Had All You Ever Had
  5. 2月EP February EP
    by SPC ECO
  6. 3月EP March EP
    by SPC ECO
  7. 5月EP May EP
    by SPC ECO
  8. 6月LP June LP
    by SPC ECO
    Trust Trust
    I absolutely LOVE ‘trust’. Top 5 of my fav SPC ECO tracks. Album is all killer no filler. Amazing output this year. Keep me coming. Love and bass. Zach
  9. Fifteen
    by SPC ECO
    Love Breathing and Stars as well. Lets see some 5 track EPs with b-sides and remixes PLEASE. Love you guys, X
  10. 2104
    by SPC ECO
    I love this track for the same reason i love Nocturnal: feels like an open jam session with many layers. Never know what loops Dean will throw at you.....or what Rose's curses will tell you guys , Xach
  11. Smile EP
    by SPC ECO
    System (Break It Mix) System (Break It Mix)
    I love this EP, the OUT OF MY SYSTEM track and remixes are incredible especially #5
  12. Little Star
    by SPC ECO
  13. Nocturnal
    by SPC ECO
    Perfect for Wiccan spellwork: creepy. Intense. Very Diamanda Galas. Love it.
  14. The Art of Pop
    by SPC ECO
  15. Dark Matter
    by SPC ECO
    Playing Games Playing Games
    I love'Playing Games' of my fav tracks of all time by SPC ECO.
    'Where you killing time these days How'd you pass the hours in your waveform
    How'd you let the people you love know there's nobody else
    But yourself....' -- PG
  16. SPC AND TIME - VOL 2
    by SPC ECO
    Maybe I'll See Ya Maybe I'll See Ya
    Sooooo many awesome tracks on here. Also White Light, and the Radiohead cover '2+2 =5' are a-mazing!!!
  17. Fuck You (Single)
    by SPC ECO
    Fuck You Fuck You
    The song and video are amazing. Rose looks so beautiful with that long blue hair.
  18. All You Need
    by SPC ECO
  19. All Gone
    by SPC ECO
  20. Delusional Waste (Single and Remixes)
    by SPC ECO