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Nick Suda

  1. Santa Clarita, California
  2. Electronic
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  1. FEZ OST
    by Disasterpeace
    Adventure Adventure
  2. aBliss
    by The Flashbulb
    aBliss aBliss
  3. Compositions For Piano
    by The Flashbulb
    Solitary Living Solitary Living
  4. touched two
    by touched
    Yourturn Yourturn
  5. Courtship Dances
    by Sahy Uhns
    Prologue: Tolerance Training (Part One) Prologue: Tolerance Training (Part One)
  6. Move to Pain
    by Sons of Magdalene
    Hold on hold still for a second Hold on hold still for a second
  7. 快い亡霊 OST
    by Kobayashi Yamato
    妖怪ソフトウェア - SpecterSoft. Logo 妖怪ソフトウェア - SpecterSoft. Logo
  8. Lost/Erased/Deleted
    by Newman Wolf
    Let It Breathe Let It Breathe
  9. FLPTY808
    by Leaftype
    Money Coin Money Coin
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Leaftype
    Let's Be Honest Let's Be Honest
  11. Blank Banshee 0
    by Blank Banshee
    B:/ Start Up B:/ Start Up
    Untitled Untitled
  13. With Love To Mummy
    by Max Tundra
    Proto Subsi Proto Subsi
  14. Selected Amiga/BBC Micro Works 85-92
    by Max Tundra
    Pellegrino Pellegrino
  15. MOZYK007 - Programist
    by Daed
    Cyan And Ice Cyan And Ice
  16. Vapor
    by Yosi Horikawa
    Wandering Wandering
  17. Patience
    by DFRNT
    Sunrise Sunrise
  18. Floating
    by little-scale
    Floating Floating
  19. Hg
    by mHz
    mercury fountain mercury fountain
  20. Shadows
    by BARTEL
    Shadows Shadows
  21. Peaks EP
    by peakssound
    Grimeme Grimeme
  22. rt60
    by rt60
    Pale Reflection Pale Reflection
  23. We are Like the Spider. We Weave our Lives and then Move Along in it. We are Like the Dreamer. Who Dreams and then Lives in the Dream.
    by Koala
    In Burden's Grip In Burden's Grip
  24. Ghosts & Liars
    Face Stealer Face Stealer
  25. Illiterate Love Poems
    by Five Step Path
    November End November End
    Tomas Borosko lured me by virtue of being another Benn-endorsed Alphabasic artist who has some incredible acid-revival stuff on SoundCloud. His debut Alphabasic record branches out a bit to incorporate lots of classic IDM influences.

    There's lots of Ovuca and Jega and Mu-Ziq and others to be heard here. It's not as focused on a track-level as his outlier SoundCloud pieces, but it's a great classic IDM record that could have come out in 2002 on Planet Mu just fine.
  26. Call
    by Macoubre
    Brother Brother
    A few months before I started working on my record Mixed Metaphors instead, I was approached by Ryan (aka Brother) to produce this record.

    While ultimately we parted ways without collaboration, I was extremely enthusiastic about this material, as Ryan used to front a band that I was obsessed with in high school. This is clearly the same voice at work, in a new electronic context.

    The finished product sounds great, and I can give nothing but effusive praise for it.
  27. Hardscrabble
    by The Flashbulb
    The Bridgeport Run The Bridgeport Run
    The thing that frustrates me so much about Benn's overall tone is that he begrudges the fact that this is ultimately the kind of work that he does best. Success comes to him from sequencing breaks like no other musician on this planet can, and then once he's lured a fanbase in, he drowns them in space music and pseudo-Metheny.

    But, whatever. He's throwing us a bone, and holy mother of god is it a tasty one. 2005 is back again, and this time it's pissed.
  28. Pretty Eight Machine SE
    by Inverse Phase
    Downloadin' It Downloadin' It
    What a wonderful, studious, boutique record. This record comes off like this man only knows two things in the world: how great Nine Inch Nails is, and how to sequence music on retro video game consoles. And that it is his god-given duty to unite the two.

    Chiptune cover records typically have about 1,000x less effort put into them than this one. The note-perfect transcriptions are rewarding and massively enjoyable. Just buy it.
  29. Terra Firma
    by The Flashbulb
    Terra Firma (Radio Version) Terra Firma (Radio Version)
    Why pretend you're better than some genres and not others? This track is a just-plain-good, housey, clubby, dance music-y track from Benn... justified under the pretense that it's more about loyalist vocoder fidelity examinations.

    Yeah. Whatever. I picture that car ad with "Days Go By" and the girl waving her arm through the air. And that's totally okay.
  30. Old Trees (1999 - 2011)
    by Benn Jordan
    Blue 42 (2003) Blue 42 (2003)
    Alongside Trent Reznor, my friend Benn has had more influence on my musical sensibilities, aspirations and perspective than any other person.

    There's really no way you can't see the purchasability in this collection; Benn has made so many different styles of music over the past 15-ish years that there is certain to be at least an EP's worth of material you'll love on here, if not much, much more.

    It's an excellent introduction to his whole discography, while at the same time being one record.
  31. Bent Knee
    by Bent Knee
    Little Specks of Calcium Little Specks of Calcium
    Bent Knee are another group of people I went to college with. The whole band is a circus of bizarre personalities, but this group is principally about Courtney's songwriting being perfectly set by Ben, living in a world thoroughly outside of his standard operating procedure.

    Who knew a Vai lineage shredder would work so well on freak-out, dark ambient, Bungle-esque, heavily Bjorkian pop rock?

    If you know Schoolyard Heroes, you're very close to the sound of Bent Knee. This record is fantastic.
  32. 72 Minutes Of Fame
    by C418
    Timelapse Kingdom Timelapse Kingdom
    This record sounds like the first set where C418 has arrived at a sound. "life changing moments" and the Minecraft soundtrack have scattershot moments of intrigue and brilliance, but nothing to really draw you to them.

    Where this collection may not be outstanding on the merits of individual strong songs, it is cohesive overall. This particular set has a strong dance music flavor; lots of sidechain compression and trance-ish progressions. It's a good long-form listen.
  33. World to Come
    by Metamusic
    Northwest Skyline Northwest Skyline
    These guys got my attention with a little bit of correspondence on SoundCloud. The mix is very muddy and dark, but I like their sound. It manages to skirt the edge of sounding Mute Math-y without coming off as derivative.

    I'm always down for checking out more examples in which indie rock and electronic music have converged, and this is a novel one.
  34. Cinemetropolis
    by Blue Scholars
    Slick Watts Slick Watts
    Blue Scholars, I just.... *sigh* you're consistently _almost_ good. I want to love you because you carried the torch of Seattle hip-hop for so long by yourselves, but your beats are just too flimsy for me and Geo's flow is just barely short of hot.

    But, still, it's an amusing record with a cool high concept. If you're into Scholars it's definitely a must.
  35. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
    Key Key
    Who didn't hear the evocative, stark, Satie-esque plinking of the Minecraft themes over and over again in 2010 and 2011? You need to own this record on the virtue of that alone.

    And there's a bunch of unused music in here too that's also pretty cool. Not the most consistent collection on the planet, but a great novelty for any of the millions of Minecraft players.
  36. life changing moments seem minor in pictures
    by C418
    I lack an emotion I lack an emotion
    Clearly, Daniel (aka C418) had some strong IDM aspirations before he settled into territory he is more able-handed at. This is a restless debut record, song lengths are all over the place, as are the musical quotations.

    Some tracks have lots of Amen chopping, lots of tracks seem to be sources from random hard drive samples. It's a really "home PC-y" record with really sporadic flashes of the subdued, beautiful voice that would emerge not too long after this record came out.
  37. October's Road
    by Balto
    The Railyard The Railyard
    I own this record because at the time, my roommate of three years, Andrew Sheron, had quite an integral relationship to the realization of this debut record by his cousin Daniel, the frontman of Balto.

    It's clean, it's folksy, it's very well engineered. Just a solid record of songwriter music overall. Not much else to say.
  38. Vending Machetes
    by Vending Machetes
    M O M O
    I went to college at the same time as the collective that spans Vending Machetes, Supervolcano, Grass is Green, and all the other incarnations.

    They definitely run in a different - but not completely nebulous - circle from my circles, and occasionally we crossed paths from gigging and whatnot.

    I love Abe's songwriting; his sound is earnest and unironic but built from very cool and aggressive post-hardcore influences. This is a great EP captured at the right time and the right place.
  39. Phantom Island
    by BARTEL
    Phantom Island Phantom Island
    That arpeggiation that runs through the whole track! So moving.
  40. 2009 EP
    by BARTEL
    White Grade White Grade
    The Alphabasic debut from Andrew Harris. Slickly engineered, film score-esque, downbeat instrumental electronic music. A vein Harris has been running down since I knew him over a decade ago, only now fleshed out into a very strong and unified sound.