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  1. The New Saturday Night
    by Greg Steps
  2. This Lovesick Heart
    by Brittle Sun
  3. nospiratum of hauntbottle
    by the James Worse Public Address Method
  4. dog bark echo
    by Indigo Sparke
  5. We Paint the Sky - vocal edit
    by Jessie Giles
  6. filth
    by jakson
  7. Softly & Suddenly
    by Sean M Whelan & The Interim Lovers
  8. Middle Of the Night
    by Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife
  9. Ngarwul
    by Allara
  10. Mother Moon
    by Lady Lash
  11. Closed Beginnings
    by Australian Art Orchestra | Reuben Lewis | Tariro Mavondo | Peter Knight
  12. The Clearing
    by JJJJJerome Ellis
  13. wlr-t03
    by [whitelabtapes]
  14. Stars Keep Falling
    by Brittle Sun
  15. Paquita
    by Brittle Sun
  16. Filament and Place
    by Innesti
  17. If It Was Me
    by Black Rock Band
  18. Cigarette Smoke
    by Maja
  19. I Wanted to Be كنت بدي أكون
    by Jowan Safadi جوان صفدي
  20. Taboo
    by Audrey Powne