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  1. Volume 4: Infinite Potential
    by Chiptunes4Autism
    No Mask No Mask
    Together we can find new solutions, and enjoy the ride.
  2. CCL Dive
    by Cityfires
  3. Twelve Months
    by Curious Quail
    The Plan The Plan
    There’s nothing wrong with us for the wrong that we feel.
  4. 27 • +006
    by Purely Grey
    Polygon Polygon
    It’s music, it’s sound, it’s the wave between two peaks.
  5. L | \/ E EP
    by Impulses
    Ghosts Ghosts
  6. Nascens
    by meganeko
  7. Oblivion
    by Tuxic
  8. CRY
    by Knasibas
    Fond Memories Fond Memories
    Knasibas created an upbeat album with a smiling anime girl on the cover, and he titled it ‘CRY’.

    It's something we could all use.
  9. Taiga
    by Kubbi
    Retrospect Retrospect
    A bold and beautiful departure from anything Kubbi has done before.
  10. Wish Book
    by tenfour
    Domino Hot Domino Hot
  11. Spacetunes = WIN
    by Chiptunes = WIN
    Ghost Signals Ghost Signals
    Examining our own space, the world of stars and skies we’re exploring every day. I talk about tracks 21-31 here:
  12. ChipWINter Wilderness
    by Chiptunes = WIN
    First Snow of the Year (feat. UNI) First Snow of the Year (feat. UNI)
    Easily some of my favorite ChipWIN tracks ever, whether they be a comfy new mattress or an aberrant snowstorm. I talk about tracks 10-18 here:
  13. Comeback
    by Offbrand
    Blank Verse Blank Verse
    Proud to have included Comeback in the 2018 CLOVER AWARDS! What award did it win? Find out here:
  14. Phyr
    by Phracta
    Avenge from the Future Avenge from the Future
    Proud to have included Phyr in the 2018 CLOVER AWARDS! What award did it win? Find out here:
  15. Trikumax Official Soundtrack
    by Tuberz McGee
    Timber Greens Timber Greens
  16. Klingsardry
    by Kplecraft
  17. (EMPTY)
    by toasterpastries
  18. Never to Return (p a r t y)
    by Catboss.
    its like the best thing ive ever heard
  19. GHOST / getting better
    by nelward
  20. Marshmallow Bits
    by A Bit of Chiptune
  21. PPR-01: [Lavender]
    by various artists
  22. Stardust
    by skybox
  23. Childhood Easter Shoppe
    by xxx garcanaborevolution xxx
    starb' 4 ~ death of the author starb' 4 ~ death of the author
    by Otoboke Beaver
    Don't light my fire Don't light my fire
  25. Rebirth EP
    by AeronMusic
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. color wheel
    by business pastel
    neon teeth neon teeth
  27. Autistic Wizard Red (Sensory Seeking)
    by Asperkraken
  28. Autistic Wizard Blue (Sensory Friendly)
    by Asperkraken
  29. CRY (SAD Edition)
    by Knasibas
    Midnight Midnight
  30. 愛を喜ぶ街
    by 黒魔 / Chroma
    ロスト・メモリー ロスト・メモリー
  31. Amaranth
    by lonemoon
  32. Heart/Break
    by RIN
    Neon-Lit Getaway Neon-Lit Getaway
  33. Crystalline City
    by Joe Swensen
    appears in 1 other collection
  34. Heart Beat Circuit
    by Smoke Thief
    Summer Summer
  35. Highway Blossoms O.S.T
    by Smoke Thief スモーク ジーフ
    Backroads Backroads
  36. Consecration
    by Fatales
    appears in 1 other collection
    by kitty
  38. Be the Cowboy
    by Mitski
    Nobody Nobody
  39. Those who Wait (Opportunity's end)
    by Joe Swensen
  40. I Ate Two Eggs - OST
    by Joe Swensen
    appears in 1 other collection
  41. Introspection
    by Joe Nowhere
  42. HEXED
    by Joe Swensen
  43. Flux
    by Joe Swensen
  44. Journey of Coins OST
    by Joe Swensen
  45. Cinnamon
    by Joe Swensen