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  1. After Midnight
    by Tomasz Bednarczyk
  2. Music from The Living Monument
    by Carmen Villain
    by Cicada Sirens & 1000 Eyes
  4. Hyper Light Fragments (B-Sides)
    by Disasterpeace
  5. The Sound of Love International 001 - Gatto Fritto
    by Gatto Fritto
  6. LIR001 - BEGIN
    by BEGIN
  7. The Sound Of Love International 002 - Beautiful Swimmers
    by Various Artists
  8. The Sound Of Love International 003 - Shanti Celeste
    by Various Artists
  9. Magic
    by Cuushe
  10. Motivational Force EP
    by Atree
    No Planet Sun No Planet Sun
    Smoove Mocean is back, babyyyyy. Motivational Force EP sounds exactly how one would expect Atree to sound — dreamy, cosmic, groovy, topped with heavy doses of light-hearted funk. Lasso king!
  11. Lighthouse Hill
    by Andrea Cichecki
    Celestial Navigation Celestial Navigation
    Andrea's musicality shines bright in all four tracks on display here — Dub-infused, extremely tasteful dream-house music for the early evenings / early mornings. Very happy to see her join the ever-growing Sol Asylum compendium of excellent releases.
  12. TUNIC (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Lifeformed × Janice Kwan
    Color Confinement Color Confinement
    Stellar game with an equally brilliant soundtrack that will forever have a place in my memory. Tunic's soundtrack and the game itself elevate each other in ways that are as rare to witness as they are to describe. Something to experience.
  13. Asa [Remixed]
    by Doltz
  14. 小圈子
    by 輕描淡寫
    她还想入非非呢 她还想入非非呢
    Beautiful music, through and through. The perfect soundtrack for a solitary stroll around a metropolis on a rainy, foggy day.
  15. In Other Waters (Original Soundtrack)
    by Amos Roddy
  16. Kingdom Two Crowns (Original Soundtrack)
    by Amos Roddy
    Equinox Equinox
    It's hard to describe how powerful this soundtrack is if you haven't played the game. On its own, it's a fantastic compilation of absolutely gorgeous music. Listening to it in-game provides an elevated experience that is, at its core, unique. Very hard to pick a favourite track when most of them are remarkable. Highly recommended.
  17. Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760
    by Aphex Twin
  18. Synchronized Minds
    by Norken & Nyquist
  19. Soul Static Bureau
    by Norken
  20. Memories in Exile
    by TPROACH
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