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  1. Electric Dreams (Instrumentals)
    by Siamese Youth
  2. The Forest Abides
    by Isostatic
  3. A Tale of Distant Stars
    by Subdream
  4. Pillars of Light
    by Stellarium
  5. Hysterical Love Project - "Lashes"
    by Motion Ward
  6. Between the Moon and Stars
    by Futurecop!
  7. Straight Ahead
    by Monya
  8. From Oceans Within
    by Futurecop!
  9. YOUTH
    by ALEX
  10. AKUMA 3
  11. NieR: Become as Gods
    by ROZEN + REVEN
  12. Echoes of Tomorrow
    by Siamese Youth
  13. We Are Stardust
    by Lukhash
  14. Dead Cells Remixes
    by Yoann Laulan
  15. Song of the Ancients (NieR)
    by Jillian Aversa, Doug Perry
  16. 集中 Concentration
    by Night Tempo
  17. Transience: A NieR Synthwave Tribute
    by Sean Schafianski
  18. 夜韻 Night Tempo
    by Night Tempo
  19. Nighty Tape 86'
    by Night Tempo
  20. Chrono Trigger: Selected Works
    by Gregorio Franco