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  1. Moonlit Missive #96: 'September Crisp'
    by In Gowan Ring
    Moonlit Missives exclusive
  2. Ravine Of Spears
    by Final/Richard Ramirez
  3. Poison Butterfly Came Day After Autumn Day/Migrate Exquisite Corpse
    by Lussuria
  4. Awaken to Reality
    by White Shamrock
  5. Raw Hypersexuality
    by Black Hole Exploration
  6. You'll Learn the Hard Way
    by Climax Alpha
  7. Killer Whale Atmospheres
    by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
  8. Ben Wa
    by Yellow Gas Flames
  9. The Castrato Weeps
    by Driller
  10. Moonlit Missive #95: 'Serpentine'
    by In Gowan Ring
    Moonlit Missives exclusive
  11. Teeth Like Chrome Skulls
    by Flysch
  12. Acceptance
    by JT Whitfield
  13. The Long Con
    by Liebestod
  14. Scarecrow
    by WILT
    by WILT
  16. W I T H E R
    by WILT
  17. SHE
    by WILT
  18. Derangement
    by Swollen Organs & DSMIII
  19. Neurasthenik
    by DSMIII
  20. Varsity
    by Richard Ramirez