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  1. Horixens
    by Sevish
  2. Sick & Panic
    by Macintosh Plus
  3. 1312
    by Hàltràny Industries
    text me when you get home text me when you get home
  4. SVL
    by SVL
    Claustrophobia Claustrophobia
    Did you know? Rich and Davis Aphex of band "The Aphex Twins" are not actually related. They noticed each other on the street, shocked they not only looked identical but also shared a last name and had similar jackets.

    I love you and I'm so proud of you!!! This album is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  5. Harpsinger
    by sakuraburst
    my favorite album, as judged by the sole criteria of making out with my lesbian wife
  6. 2NDWND
    by Rhyphte
  7. Thimbleweed Park (Original Soundtrack)
    by Steve Kirk
    freaking phenomenal soundtrack. tight and intriguing from start to finish.

    id buy this just for the bonus unused factory theme. hot damn
    by NRV GRL
    this is the best instrumental song ever actually
  9. Beware!
    by June LaLonde
  10. Thank You
    by June LaLonde
  11. Paper Heart EP
    by June LaLonde
  12. Time Away
    by June LaLonde
  13. Through Mountains EP
    by June LaLonde
  14. Floating Rooms
    by June LaLonde
  15. Rough Tongue EP
    by June LaLonde
  16. Skitter EP
    by June LaLonde
  17. Into Blue Sky
    by June LaLonde
  18. Threading Mercury
    by June LaLonde
  19. Colors
    by June LaLonde
  20. Hope Against Hope
    by June LaLonde
  21. GaW
    by June LaLonde
  22. In June
    by June LaLonde
  23. Thumbs Up
    by June LaLonde
  24. Slow Burn
    by Joe Swensen
  25. Rabbithole
    by BilliumMoto
  26. All Fall Floral
    by Twinkle Park
  27. Catching Bugs, Chasing Summer
    by Joe Swensen
    Chase or Locomotive Chase or Locomotive
    this is very object class keter
  28. Egotistical Heart
    by Zizkil
  29. Diamonds
    by MrWimmer
    They're Everywhere They're Everywhere
    appears in 1 other collection
  30. Monoliths Of Suffering
    by Blade Of Phanes
    Shadow Of Supremacy Shadow Of Supremacy
    by ♥ GOJII ♥
    by Equip
    CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night) CEMETERY MOONGLOW (in the cold air of the night)
  33. Never to Return (p a r t y)
    by Catboss.
    its like the best thing ive ever heard
  34. Devour
    by Pharmakon
    Self-Regulating System Self-Regulating System
  35. Cast of Static and Smoke
    by Vile Creature
    Forest, Subsists as a Tomb Forest, Subsists as a Tomb
  37. 「a broken serenity」
    by sakuraburst
  38. deconstructing nature
    by sakuraburst
  39. anticrystal EP
    by sakuraburst
    by sakuraburst
  41. VENNER
    by sakuraburst & leopold
  42. hyleo x sakuraburst - Galaxy Cutter
    by hyleo x sakuraburst
  43. S5
    by Park & Sakuraburst
  44. blood orange EP
    by sakuraburst
  45. 真美 ( ft. / / K y u n n )
    by Vylet Pony