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  1. Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence
    by Cryptworm
  2. The Tombs of Misery
    by Cryptual
  3. Incineration Rites
    by Cystic
  4. Dark Dimension
    by Cenobite
  5. Hatred For Mankind
    by Dragged Into Sunlight
  6. Independence to the Beast
    by Canis Dirus
    The Child and the Serpent The Child and the Serpent
    So much depth to this release. Start peeling away the layers and you're constantly presented with clever subtleties that are unfortunately easily bypassed upon first presentation. Definitely an album that you want to spend an adequate amount of time with, because it continues to reward.
  7. Nechochwen / Panopticon - Split LP
    by Bindrune Recordings
  8. Phantasms of Forgotten Aeons
    by Thonis
  9. Mamorlis
    by Mamorlis
  10. Cryptic Rising - Elegies Of Repugnance
    by Caustic Hymn Productions
  11. Díoltas
    by Horrenda
  12. The Dwelling
    by Crimson Altar
  13. Shieldbrother
    by Isenmor
    by Prosthetic Records
  15. Sulphuric Omnipotence
    by Fornicus
  16. Scythe of Our Errors
    by Skaldr
  17. Cursed Thoughts
    by Hornwood Fell
  18. Stygian
    by Atramentus
  19. To Have Failed God
    by Swamp Temple
  20. Ten Years of Resistance
    by Al-Namrood