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  2. Punk
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    by Guerilla Toss
    The String Game The String Game
  2. The White White Lights EP
    by The White White Lights
    Space Invaders Space Invaders
  3. Our Love In The Light
    by Paul & The Tall Trees
    The Little Bit Of Sunshine The Little Bit Of Sunshine
  4. Rivers
    by Songs for Moms
    Leap Now Leap Now
  5. Moh Lhean
    by WHY?
    This Ole King This Ole King
  6. Mars etc.
    by Aloa Input
    Perry Perry
  7. 50) Noisy Children Party
    by Silica-gel
    Master of the Game Master of the Game
    You know that feeling you get when you steal someone's suitcase from the airport, bring it home and break it open with a screwdriver to discover a pile of unfamiliar contents that collectively tell a dark and twisted tale about the owner and his/her private behavior? And how the items on top are usually harmless, but as you dig deeper you find some really peculiar things that when you try on actually fit really really well? This album is kind of like that.
  8. I Used To Believe In The West
    by Songs For Moms
    All the Girls Here All the Girls Here
    The energy! The melodies! The fact that the song titles string together to form a complete thought! What is not to love about this record???
  9. Weaves (EP)
    by Weaves
    Buttercup Buttercup
    This band is sneaky weird.
  10. this taco is not correct
    by christian fitness
    bad boys die in the bath bad boys die in the bath
    On the surface this record feels impulsive, but look closer and you'll find a ton of evidence to show just how much thought and work went into crafting the lyrics and music.
  11. DEMO(H)
    by Skin Cells
    Spraypaint Spraypaint
    I sift through a ton of DIY stuff, most of which sounds uninspired and redundant. Skin Cells exudes heart and originality. Each song stands on its own and each song matters. I want more.
  12. Claire, is that you?
    by Held
    I’m not sure if he’s in right now, can I place you on hold for a brief moment I’m not sure if he’s in right now, can I place you on hold for a brief moment
    Huh? No, I'm waiting to talk to someone, what's up? Mmmhmmm... I think it's in the bedroom... Did you look in the closet? My side of the closet. I don't know, I just remember seeing it next to my baseball cards. Because I don't want to throw them away, I like them. They're not garbage. Just GO LOOK, IM ON THE-- hi.
  13. Fits and Starts
    by The Village Bicycle
    She's A Hero She's A Hero
    From top to bottom, this record has a unique, consistent sound built on inconsistency. There's something so special about this band -- I wonder if they know it.
  14. New Year Same Chin
    by You're My Density
    Dog In The Fight Dog In The Fight
    STOP. WAIT. I don't know how you found this page, but now that you're here pull up a seat and give this record your undivided attention.

    Like a good DIY sound? This is that.

    Like weird lyrics? That is this.

    Like strong melodies and hooks? Those are these.
  15. Face Always Toward the Sun
    by Blithe Field
    Zen Den Zen Den
    I love listening to Blithe Field. Helps me think, helps me sleep, helps me write...! Thanks, Spencer!
  16. Forget
    by Thoughts Detecting Machines
    Code To Me Code To Me
    A life long fan of Poster Children, TDM has filled the void created from their until recently seemingly permanent hiatus. More than ever, I recommend buying physical copies of each of the TDM records because the art is as charged as the music.