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  1. Birth & Death
    by Jay Stansfield
    The Sadness The Sadness
    Listen to the first 4 tracks on this album. Do it. I'll wait.

    I've been going back and forth with whether I think this guy is being serious or ridiculous, and in the end I think it's both. And that's all I could ever ask for.
  2. Nice Guy
    by Guy Friend
    Can't Tell Me Nothin' Can't Tell Me Nothin'
    Loving this dude. Found him through Jurassic Pop Records >> the label that put out one of The Village Bicycle’s records. Bonus, he’s from L.A.
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Bismillah
    by Peter Cat Recording Co.
    I'm This I'm This
    Found this incredible band after listening to the "Other Record Labels" podcast where Scott Orr interviewed the owner of Pagal Haina records. I recommend the band, the podcast and the label!
  4. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
    by clipping.
    Check the Lock Check the Lock
    This record has everything I want in a horror movie sequel.
  5. There Existed an Addiction to Blood
    by clipping.
    Story 7 Story 7
    This record has everything I want in a horror movie.
  6. If You're Waiting Till We're Dead, Don't Bother Listening.
    by Unusuals
  7. Modest Proposals 2
    by The Taxpayers
  8. Rob Taxpayer
    by Rob Taxpayer
  9. Stick People
    by Trash Swan
  10. Modest Proposals
    by The Taxpayers
    by GUPPY
  13. In Heat
    by GUPPY
    Guppy is fearless in both their sound and lyrics. More evidence that the Los Angeles music scene is having a moment.
  14. Transcending
    by Tina Mathieu
  15. Ladybug
    by Tina Mathieu
    Discovered this singer/songwriter a while back. Her lyrics pack a punch while her voice mends the wounds.
  16. Not Now, but RIGHT NOW!
    by Scissor Now!
  17. Myths 004
    by Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox
  18. 1000 gecs
    by 100 gecs, Dylan Brady & Laura Les
    stupid horse stupid horse
    I couldn’t not buy this record.
  19. Crawling Passed
    by Milked
    Good Morning Good Morning
    This band combines talent with the confidence to do whatever the fuck they want. 10/10!
  20. Shiny New Model
    by BODEGA