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  1. Admission
    by Torche
    Slide Slide
  2. The Blurred Odyssey
    by The Sh-Booms
    Audible Audible
  3. Keepsake
    by Hatchie
    Without A Blush Without A Blush
  4. Personal Space
    by Boston Marriage
    Rachel in the Dark Room Rachel in the Dark Room
  5. Siesta
    by Hater
    It's So Easy It's So Easy
  6. Christmas Time Is Here
    by The Pauses
  7. Unbuilding
    by The Pauses
    Digital Detox Digital Detox
  8. Sugar & Spice
    by Hatchie
    Sugar & Spice Sugar & Spice
    Hatchie draws inspiration from groups before her time, while carving her own beautiful path. Shimmery guitars reminiscent of Cocteau Twins with a Sundays vibe. Looking forward to the future!
  9. A Cautionary Tale
    by The Pauses
    Go North Go North
  10. Let's Make Love
    by Brazilian Girls
    Pirates Pirates
    Brazilian Girls always make magic!
  11. Sugar at the Gate
    by TOPS
    Petals Petals
    Cabriolet music for the pop obsessed.
  12. Restarter
    by Torche
    Annihilation Affair Annihilation Affair
    The album opens with the dystopian fire breathing track Annihilation Affair and gets better from there! A welcome return!
  13. Just Give In / Never Going Home
    by Hazel English
    Fix Fix
    I can't pick favorite tracks yet, on this deceptively simple/beautiful album (drums, guitar, vox). C-86 based indie pop with wonderful vocals, and dreamy guitars. I heard a song randomly, and liked it enough to buy it on vinyl. For fans of Burning Hearts, Best Coast, The Shermans.
  14. Puzzle 15th Anniversary Edition
    by tahiti 80
    This album is one of the best debut albums of the last twenty years! It is difficult to say how great this album is. When I was in Paris, I asked for bands that were in the same vein as Tahiti 80. The clerk handed me a copy of Alphabetical by Phoenix! Which is almost as good as Puzzle. I was beyond the moon to find this on vinyl, and they did not disappoint. The cover and vinyl are perfect, and the extras are amazing! And worth the time to explore.
  15. Maple Key
    by Le SuperHomard
    Intro Intro
    I will borrow a description from someone-"Le Super Homard are a blend of Broadcast and Stereolab". I think that is an apt description, but this is a fully realized band, not just a sum of parts. This appeared out of nowhere and is an amazingly fresh hot take. The music/vocals are dreamy, beat driven with splashes of sixties psych and lounge. No one is making this kind of music at the moment, and even if they did, they could not make it as great as Le Super Homard
  16. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Should Have Known Better Should Have Known Better
    Because Sufjan. And heartbreak.
  17. Feed Me Diamonds
    by MNDR
    Feed Me Diamonds Feed Me Diamonds
    I have listened to this album since I stumbled on a RAC remix of Feed Me Diamonds. I bought the download, and now the beautiful vinyl. MNDR is electro, with just enough grit to make it interesting, Electroposh? Vox and lyrics are on point. Music takes you on a journey. MNDR is highly danceable, even if you are sofa surfing.
  18. The Pauses / Great Deceivers Split EP
    by The Pauses
    The Pauses - The Beginnings of Things The Pauses - The Beginnings of Things
    A nice change of direction for The Pauses. Though their debut, A Cautionary Tale is a cracking good indie pop album in it's own right. I am interested to see where they are going.
  19. Transitions
    by Breathers
    Closer To The Bone Closer To The Bone
  20. Ike Turner Kills Fascists
    by Brother Reverend
    Shut The Door Shut The Door