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  1. Born Of A Cancerous Womb
    by Cancerous Womb
    Father's Toy Father's Toy
  2. Metal, Fire and Ice
    by Metalian
    Metal Fire and Ice Metal Fire and Ice
  3. The Siege of Jerusalem
    by Stone Dagger
    The Siege of Jerusalem The Siege of Jerusalem
  4. Demo
    by Rogue Planet
    Heat Death Heat Death
  5. Antioch
    by Antioch
    Inquisition Inquisition
  6. The End (Demo)
    by Regulus
    Witch Hunt Witch Hunt
    'The End,' begins with droning fuzz before the pins-and-needles static of Witch Hunt bursts into life and speeds-off, rough and fuzzy, like five o’clock shadow...except, it's five a.m., you’re red around the eyes, and haven’t slept for on:
  7. Summoning Sickness Demo
    by Warlok
    Night Rider Night Rider
    A steel-plated demo of classic, heavy metal. Harmonic vocals, razor-sharp guitars and pulsating rhythm, worthy of the 80s on:
  8. Regulus EP
    by Regulus
    Regulus Regulus
    Gruff vocals
    overlay driven, grooving and weighty riffs which combine meandering melody with forward momentum - you know you’re on to a winner when you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table, lips pursed doing the side-to-side head bob. Fans of riffs and spliffs need to get on this, on:
    by Bathsheba
    The Sleepless Gods The Sleepless Gods
    The doom riffs! The malevolent licks! Those sinister, yet siren vocals –
    this is scarily good. Occult, female fronted doom, on:
  10. When The World Turns Black E.P
    by Accelerator
    When The World Turns Black When The World Turns Black
    You want your thrash fast, ferocious and square in the face? Well here it is. A little bitta Kreator with a whole lotta on:
  11. From Time...To Eternity
    by Stone Magnum
    Lonely God Lonely God
  12. Stone Magnum
    by Stone Magnum
    Locksmith Of Misery Locksmith Of Misery
  13. Nachthexen
    by nightwitches
    Claws & Teeth Claws & Teeth
    If you just can’t get enough of that falling-in-your-dreams
    feeling then nightwitches' debut is the E.P. for you. Hypnotic fuzz, swathed in soporific, ghostly on:
  14. Demo 2013
    by Mist
    Phobia Phobia
    Intricate, atmospheric, ethereal: heavy in terms of riffs and ambience but bestrewn with guitar leads crisp enough to avoid disappearing into overly dark and suffocatingly dense on:
  15. Stone Cadaver
    by Stone Cadaver
    Blasphemous Revelry, Lechery & Sorcery Blasphemous Revelry, Lechery & Sorcery
    The pulsating riffs may evoke stoner, but their heavy crunch, mixed with a mounting sense of the malevolent, unabashedly throws the doom influence to the fore. It’s stoner but colder; and as the name suggests: less desert, more on:
  16. Nuke [ Me Baby ]
    by Nuke
    Delta City, the band’s first demo, is a caustic statement, fast and raw but compounded by a melodic, thrash on:
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  17. Cult Class
    by Black Pestilence
    Rabid Canadians Black Pestilence spew a gritty blackened punk blend while incorporating influences from other less likely niches of the black metal on:
  18. The Horror b/w Satan's Hallow
    by Satan's Hallow
    The Horror The Horror
    Satan’s Hallow could easily have slashed their way through space and time straight from the early 80s! Absolutely nailing the sound, tone and energy of classic heavy metal, the spiking guitars and Mandy Martillo’s outstanding, unassailable vocals set Satan’s Hallow steps-ahead of the current, crowded crop of trad-metal on:
  19. Horrible Night
    by Moss
    Horrible Nights Horrible Nights
    Urgh, that really is horrible. Gloriously horrible. Evil-encrusted doom straight out the crypt, horrible in the best way on:
  20. Born Of A Cancerous Womb
    by Cancerous Womb
    Born Of A Cancerous Womb Born Of A Cancerous Womb
    More shocking than the lyrics is the ability of this album to barrel beyond the often monotonous brutality of modern death without adopting the more-technical-than-thou approach. Even when no one’s head is on course with the wall, Born of a Cancerous Womb is easily pummelling its way to the top of my most on:
  21. Acid Goat EP
    by Acid Goat
    Nosferatu Nosferatu
    Another riff-centric, UK act adding to the growing crop of high-reverb, high-quality stoner/doom. Though it takes a couple listens to recognise and appreciate the layers of grim sound building the heavy drone, in a way, the EP is all the better for it. The cutting vocals add a further deranged quality, as do the nevrotic on:
  22. Goat Wizard
    by Goat Wizard
    Nosferatu Nosferatu
    Goat Wizard occupy a groovy, psychedelic space on the stoner spectrum, about a thousand guitar licks away from, and a tempo ahead of the alternative heavy, droning, sludge extreme. The clean vocals give their sound a bit more of a stoner rock feel, but the heavy riffs keep a cloven foot submerged in the doom trough, while making waves with the psychotropic on:
  23. Occultation
    by Lucid Sins
    The Witcher The Witcher
    The aural equivalent of watching The Wicker Man with Jim Morrison maybe? Phenomenal psychedelic retro rock though it may be, Occultation is so much more: relaxed yet dark; spacious yet stratified with riffs and guitar work which give the album a palpable rock groove; retro but encompassing an enigmatic appeal to acid/stoner rock, metal and doom fans on:
  24. Ascalon S/T Demo
    by Ascalon
    Steel Nights Steel Nights
  25. Carmilla (Marcilla)/Spectral Visions
    by Moss
    Carmilla (Marcilla) Carmilla (Marcilla)
  26. BongCauldron
    by BongCauldron
    Tree Wizard Tree Wizard
  27. Acid Cattle EP
    by BongCauldron
    Acid Cattle Acid Cattle
    Truly teasing with this two track EP, BongCauldron have again mastered the art of the grooving riff while building a more focused atmospheric background, hinting at things to on:
  28. BongCauldron EP (2012 mix)
    by BongCauldron
    Tree Wizard Tree Wizard
  29. Sitra Achra
    by Barshasketh
    Malaise Malaise
  30. By Design (Reissue)
    by Scumpulse
    Home is Where You Hang Yourself Home is Where You Hang Yourself
  31. Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
    by Various Artists
    March Of The Fire Ants March Of The Fire Ants
  32. 3 Days From Retirement
    by 3 Days From Retirement
    Operation Overlord Operation Overlord
    by TIDINGS
    proteus proteus
  34. 27012013
    by Glacier
    River River
  35. by Urt
    Surmasuru (Death Moth) Surmasuru (Death Moth)
  36. From The Clutches of Oblivion
    by Byzanthian Neckbeard
    Doppleganger Doppleganger
  37. Infiltrator EP
    by Infiltrator
    Crush the False Crush the False
  38. Death by the Venomhammer
    by NNGNN
    Black Thrash Massacre Black Thrash Massacre
  39. The Essential Salts Of Human Dust
    by Ninkharsag
    The Essential Salts Of Human Dust The Essential Salts Of Human Dust