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Paul Watling

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  1. Free the Witch EP
    by CALLUS
  3. Gravelands
    by Possessor
  4. This World Turns
    by Hair Of The Dog
  5. ☢ The Doomsday Dirge ☢
    by Son of Dirt
  7. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
  8. A Screaming Reflection
    by Butcher in the Fog
  9. The Seeds Of Seasons
    by Bloodmores
  10. Woodland Rites
  11. A Billion Faces
    by Gandalf the Green
  12. A Tongueless Tale
    by Son Of Boar
  13. Feral
    by Nomad
  14. The Patient Man
    by XIII
  15. Double Drop
    by Redeye Revival
  16. Going Home
    by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
  17. Soma Holiday
    by Trevor's Head
  18. Advorsus
    by Kurokuma
  19. Short Songs for the Barely Conscious
    by Half Deaf Clatch
  20. Melted On The Inch
    by Boss Keloid
  21. Longing To Be The Mountain
    by King Buffalo
  22. Tyke
    by BongCauldron
  23. Wasteland
    by Son Of Dirt
  24. Forever Marching Backwards
    by Battalions
  25. Solitude And Savagery
    by Barbarian Hermit
  26. Come & Chutney
    by chubby thunderous bad kush masters
  27. Part I
    by Deltanaut
  28. Ballads of The Godless
    by 1968
  29. Dr Bloodwort's Nefarious Medicine Show
    by Half Deaf Clatch
  30. Science Fiction
    by Church of the Cosmic Skull
  31. Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
  32. 'Blood and Slime' EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
  33. Eroding Empires
    by Master Charger
  34. Heartless
    by Pallbearer
  35. Of Things Seen & Unseen
    by Serpent Venom
  36. Grave Harvest
    by Ba'al
  37. A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy
    by Beelzebub Jones
  38. Binge
    by BongCauldron
  39. In Gallows By Mass
    by Ba'al
  40. Apothecary of Bluesical Curiosities - FREE TO DOWNLOAD
    by Half Deaf Clatch
  41. That Lonesome Banjo EP - FREE TO DOWNLOAD
    by Half Deaf Clatch
  42. Advorsus
    by Kurokuma
  43. Tronald
    by Tronald
  44. CrowSoul
    by Half Deaf Clatch
  45. Live at Wicked Squid Studios (6.16.16)
    by King Buffalo