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  2. Rock
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  1. Consolamentum
  2. Worshipers
    by Cultifact
  3. 1503•1703 Bossinensis & Weiss
    by Peter Blanchette, archguitar
  4. British Isles Archguitar
    by Peter Blanchette, archguitar - with Kenny Butler, violin
  5. Existia
    by Ghosts Of The Sun
    Enlil Enlil
    Checks all the right boxes with me. Intellectual, authoritative, plodding, methodical, has a musical plan and sticks to it. I hear echoes of Ahab, Lumiel, If These Trees Could Talk, maybe a little Mothra and All Is Violent. "Enlil" is the obvious choice for favorite track, but it would be a disservice to not mention "Aether" as a second.
  6. Archguitar Christmas
    by Peter Blanchette, archguitar
  7. Death
  8. Point Of View
    by Distant Dream
  9. Modern Anxieties
    by Innerverse
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  10. Burial Songs
    by Palehorse/Palerider
  11. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
  12. Hyedra
    by Hyedra
  13. Whelm
    by KOSATKA
  14. Solstice
    by Astralia
  15. Waves of her
    by Innerverse
  16. Re
    by Innerverse
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  17. Until Dawn
    by Elvellon
    Oraculum Oraculum
    I am a total Delain fanboy, and this sounds like it could be "Lucidity"-era Delain music. Wish I'd bought this ages ago. I don't care how formulaic this may sound to some, it's still a rockin good time. Hard to find this genre on Bandcamp. "Silence From the Deep" and "King of Thieves" also favorites.
  18. Tempus
    by Innerverse
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  19. The Daughter you've Always Wanted
    by Halocraft
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Apocalypse & Chill
    by Delain