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  1. Nostalgic Nintendo Beats 2
    by Bknapp
  2. Everything's Alright (Rock Guitar Version)
    by eltinchox
    Well arranged, chill, and positive feeling; This track is a must listen.
  3. Mega Man II GP
    by MET
    Clash Man Clash Man
    Yet again, Krzysztof Słowikowski produces solid gold.

    Dude. When I was but a young crotch-goblin, spewed forth upon this Earth by me dear ol' mudder, I actually recorded the music from this game onto tape cassette and jammed out to it all the time. Humans thought I was crazy, but this album shows those fuckers. And now I get to jam out to them in metal form? The fates have surely smiled upon me today. The tracks "Title", "Clash Man" and "Top Man" are epic af.
  4. Chrysaline
    by Josh Garrels
  5. A Thousand Miles
    by Goodknight Productions
  6. Robotic Operating Buddy
    by Wizwars
    Terra (Final Fantasy 6) (SNES) Terra (Final Fantasy 6) (SNES)
    An awesome rendition of older well known chip tunes.
  7. Video Game Cover Week
    by goldinsounds
    Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion) Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)
    Every track is well formulated. I value the intrinsic functionality of differing music genres being brought together with a single connection; all songs are from video games. Kudos to goldindsounds for showcasing their talent so vibrantly.

    "Setting Sail, Coming Home" was so good, that I came back on months later just to tell you. Honestly, I didn't like it at first, but the melodic duet of vocals are mesmerizing. This album is truly a work of art.
  8. Saturn's Children
    by Krzysztof Słowikowski
    Metal af
  9. Mana Series Arrangements
    by Rebecca Tripp
    The Oracle The Oracle
    I have been a fan of Rebecca Tripp for a while now. I haven't really seen this side of her composition skill set yet; and I LOVE IT!

    Thank you for your hard work, Rebecca Tripp!
  10. What's Pink and Sucks?
    by Xoc
    Vegetable Valley #2 Vegetable Valley #2
    If you want to hear some random silly shit with excellent rhythm and a good feel, then this is the album for you.

    I really appreciate and value 75% of the songs on this album as solid 'go-to' music, but Veg Valley 2 rules. Another awesome track is "End Battle". I downloaded this for free and liked it so much, I came back and officially bought it.

    I hope Xoc decides to make a Kirby Superstar album!
  11. Album 1 - Press Start!
    by The 8-Bit Big Band
  12. The Pretension Index [Vol.3] - Welcome To Erf
    by Lame Genie
  13. Nintendo 64 Beats
    by Bknapp
    Koopa's Road Remix - Mario 64 Koopa's Road Remix - Mario 64
    I'm luvin these mixes, especially when Mario yells in the background on Koopa's Road and Dire, Dire, Docks. These songs have just the right tempo served with a cool balance of bass and treble.
  14. SNES Beats Vol. 5
    by Bknapp
    by Bknapp
  16. SNES BEATS Vol 3
    by Bknapp
  17. Nostalgic Nintendo Beats
    by Bknapp
    Gamecube Menu Theme Beat Gamecube Menu Theme Beat
    Almost all songs on here are favorites, but the harmony of the Beats with the tunes on "Gamecube Menu Theme" is chill, relaxing, and fluid. BKnapp rules, man.
    by Bknapp
  19. Music From The Edge Of An Island
    by Luke Abbott
  20. Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures
    by Lullatone