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  1. Boom, Belgium
  2. Metal
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  1. Seven
    by Casquetaria
  2. Demo 2018
    by Tripping Haze Ceremony
  3. Slowner
    by Slowner
    Witch Witch
    It's thick, it's juicy, it's GOOD! Love the gritty and atmospheric undertone on this album by means of the samples. Great doom metal/stoner rock fusion. Keep it coming. Best of luck to you guys! 🤘🏽🇧🇷🤘🏽
  4. Barfighter
    by Barfighter
    Nebula Rising Nebula Rising
    I love these kind of instrumental trips. No lyrics but each song definitely tells a story. Great debut!
  5. The Universe
    by Dos Brujos
    Universe III pt 2 Universe III pt 2
    Wow! These jams are like a wild musical trip riding on the cosmic waves of the Big Bang. Hard to pick a favorite here: Universe III pt. 2 or Universe IV...? Great album!
  6. Tumulus Part II: The Ravaging
  7. Desomorphine Blues
    by Opium Warlock
  8. Live in the Drive Plus Two
    by Dead Panda
    Loaded (bonus track) Loaded (bonus track)
    That gritty sound is awesome! Love it when those samples get thrown in the mix. All hail the Panda 🤘🏽🐼🤘🏽
  9. Tumulus Part I: It Begins
    by Advent Varic
  10. Lost in the Woid (Live EP)
    by Caged Wolves
  11. Traveling Higher
    by Qazzaz
  12. Vilification
    by Touching the Obelisk
  13. Giant Dwarf
    by Giant Dwarf
  14. Dr. Greenthumb's Psychedelic Circus
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  15. House Of Great Storms EP (Remaster 2019)
    by Dos Brujos
  16. Qazzaz
    by Qazzaz
  17. Confelicity
    by Corvyn Zuessler
  18. Non Compos Mentis
    by Professor Electric
  19. Age of Despair
    by Desert Crows
  20. Rock n Roll from Tocantins
    by Wizened Tree
  21. Magara
    by The Mothercrow
  22. Black Veins Ritual
    by Opium Warlock
  23. Sludge Life: I
    by Nine Layers Deep
    Jupiter Jupiter
    F#ck... This is utterly impressive! Love that heavy, pounding sludge combined with the floaty, dreamy yet powerful vocals. Wow! Brilliant job, really.
  24. Pallor Mortis
    by Stone Priest
  25. Last Light Of Future Failure
    by Hawkeyes
  26. Edis
    by Dos Brujos
  27. The Four Corners of Heaven
    by Dos Brujos
  28. At the Edge of Space
    by Dos Brujos
  29. Doomed Beats and Necro Riffs
    by Dos Brujos
  30. Memento Mori (Remaster 2019)
    by Dos Brujos
  31. Brothers of the Wolf + The First Gods Split
    by Dos Brujos
  32. Lost in the Void: The Forgotten Jams
    by Dos Brujos
    subscriber exclusive
  33. Tętno Pulsu
    by Lastryko
  34. Oakland, California
    The Swamp Krewe
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  35. Wheel Of Time
    by Kavod
    Absolution Absolution
    Kavod brings a great mix of moods and influences. Sometimes philosophical and meditative, next some heavy sludging parts that hit like a ten ton hammer.
    My favorite track is 'Absolution', a stoner/doom metal mantra reminiscent of the better psychedelic rock from the 70s.
  36. Lost Demos (1998-2001)
    by Opium Warlock
  37. Get In The Swamp 2019 "The Swampler"
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
    Casquetaria (Brazil) - Space Invaders (stoner rock) Casquetaria (Brazil) - Space Invaders (stoner rock)
    Two (of many) good reasons to check out this sampler: If your taste in terms of rock music covers a wide range, then that is the first good reason. This sampler contains stoner rock, doom metal, and other tasteful variants. Second, it's a perfect opportunity to browse bands from all over the world. You will find artists from the USA, Brazil, Czech Republic... Ideal for those looking for exotic underground dishes.
    And it's all straight-A quality!
  38. Abyssum Abyssus Invocat
    by Opium Warlock
  39. The Real & The Sick
    by Dead Panda
  40. Blood Moon God
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  41. The Substance
    by Dos Brujos
  42. The Heavy South
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  43. Opium Sunrise
    by Opium Warlock
  44. Sticks & Strings vol. 1
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  45. Ides of March
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents