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Chris Von Trapp

  1. Hull, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. I Hate Fonda 500
    by Various incredible artists
  2. POP EP
    by Longlines
  3. 01482
    by Longlines
  4. Popsong
    by Longlines
  5. not my fault
    by Longlines
  7. The Clouds That Break The Sky
    by Band Of Holy Joy
  8. Sweet Jesus
    by Steve Cobby
  9. NO PASARAN- Hull Memorial Edition
    by Joe Solo
  10. Revolutions soundtrack
    by Steve Cobby
  11. The Past Won't Last Forever EP
    by Joe Solo
  12. Headscarves & Hurricanes
    by Joe Solo
  13. Chubbed Up+
    by Sleaford Mods
  14. Played In Japan - Live @ Fuji Rocks Festival 2000
    by Fila Brazillia
  15. Preservation
    by The Black Delta Movement
  16. £-shop Communism
    by Cobby & Litten
  17. The Ship That Sailed
    by Boss Caine
  18. "Stairgazing"
    by Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels
  19. Not On Our Watch
    by Joe Solo
  20. They Could Not Break This Town
    by Joe Solo and The Hatfield Brigade
  21. Reach For The Sky EP (2013)
    by Counting Coins
  22. Avalon
    by Johnny Campbell
  23. Hemidemisemiquaver
    by Steve Cobby
  24. Jumping Houses (single edit)
    by Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels
  25. Fire EP
    by Dream Wife
  26. Live in 'Ull
    by Various Punk and Alternative bands live in Hull in the 80's
  27. Boothferry
    by Cobby & Litten
  28. How About Some More Ether (Box set)
    by Solid Doctor
  29. For The Many EP
    by Cobby & Litten
  30. Dedicated Follower of Fashioning Misery
    by The Holy Orders
  31. Cities Below Future Seas
    by Cobby & Porky
  32. QUEL DOMMAGE : Drogo Beat LP
  33. The Future Needs Us Now
    by Joe Solo
  34. Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main
    by Joe Solo & The Hatfield Brigade
  35. The Cutler
    by The Cutler
  36. Cobby & Litten- My People Come From The Sea / FBR008
    by Steve Cobby, Russ Litten
  37. for the ears of dogs to come
    by The Holy Orders
  38. Counting Coins (2015) (ALBUM)
    by Counting Coins
  39. Never Be Defeated
    by Joe Solo
  40. Hook, Line and Sinker
    by Johnny Campbell
  41. Death By Sunset
    by Dave McPherson
  42. Boathouse Masters (Final Edition)
    by Shiznitz
  43. Straydance Outbreak
    by Two Straylarkers
  44. Everliving
    by Steve Cobby
  45. Left Turn On Liberty Lane
    by Joe Solo