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  1. Another way home
    by Al-Maranca
    Il ballo della coccinella sul panno bianco (soundtrack of "L'illusion de Joseph") Il ballo della coccinella sul panno bianco (soundtrack of "L'illusion de Joseph")
  2. Stranger Fruit
    by Zeal and Ardor
    Intro Intro
  3. Devil is Fine
    by Zeal and Ardor
    In Ashes In Ashes
  4. Dalawa
    by Imelda Marcos
  5. Space Grind
    by PSUDOKU
    QUantilibriUM QUantilibriUM
  6. Planetarisk Sudoku
    by PSUDOKU
    BoLTZmanN BRaiN 2099 BoLTZmanN BRaiN 2099
    Psudoku's third album was an absolutely relentless blaze which never lets up throughout its 25 minute run time. Planetarisk Sudoku, their second album, remains quite relentless in a somewhat different vein. What we have are the same driving force of guitars and drums but interspersed with brief moments of levity and suspension. Also the addition of piano and other instruments to this cosmic chorus are a welcomed addition. Speed on and bask in those supernova stellar waves of sound and fury!
  7. Deep Space Psudokument
    by PSUDOKU
    KCultraVIII_8000 KCultraVIII_8000
    Ladies and gentlemen! Here I present to you another apex of musical apprehension, the metallic mayhem of geometric resilience, a new step forward into that bewildered realm which is brutal prog--Deep Space Psudokument by Psudoku! Tread carefully for the melodic dimensions of which lie before you pay no respect to the limits of your tonal comprehension!
  8. Nostril
    by Igorrr
    Unpleasant Sonata Unpleasant Sonata
    Do you like minimalism? Or drone music? I mean, like 20 minutes of basically one incredibly long and incessantly drawn out note or chord; the kind of hogwash that so many people here on Bandcamp seem to be so enthralled by. If so, then you'll probably dig this....
  9. Bout de monde - didgeridoo solo
    by Colas
    Sous la porte Sous la porte
    No music library is complete without some didgeridoo. This is just a matter of fact. Highly trance inducing and motivating. The didgeridoo will accompany you nicely on some long and intensive run or bike ride. Now get on down with the doo!
  10. Hallelujah
    by Igorrr
    Corpus Tristis Corpus Tristis
    The vision of Hallelujah stays relatively consistent throughout the album—a synthetic maelstrom of divine malevolence, the ghoulish gospel of God, a revolting revelation from the appendices of the apocalypse! Devilishly divine, iconographically insane, succulently sinful!
  11. Prehistoric Jazz Volume 1 (The Rite of Spring)
    by Eric Hofbauer Quintet
    spring rounds spring rounds
    Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring is one of my all time favorite pieces of music--I have been listening to it since I was a little child. And so--to find creative variations upon it is always a joy. Before experiencing this jazzy reinterpretation of Le Sacre du printemps, I would recommend listening to the original, if you are unfamiliar with it--thus bringing a broader appreciation. Well done!
  12. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
    Houmous Houmous
    And so--what we have here is Savage Sinusoid--a masterful mixology, a lesson in studio mixing itself. Herein lies 39 minutes of auditory annihilation--demented gypsy gyrations, beastly bashings of baroque, and rustling romances of rhythm. In short, it's the savaging of elder technique.
  13. Rire avec Charlie
    by Samson Schmitt, Johan Dupont & Joachim Iannello
    Rhapsody à six cordes Rhapsody à six cordes
    High caliber--most immeasurable ability--Rire avec Charlie displays the tremendous musicianship of its trio, Iannello, Schmitt, and Dupont. Any fan of gypsy music would be well suited to situate this gem within their library.
  14. Good Enough For Gringos
    by Tángalo
    Las Aguas Tranquilas Las Aguas Tranquilas
    What a wonderful tango quintet! Some tango music has the fault of feeling quite formulaic and ridged but Tangalo's music feels so much more richly textured and ponderous. Definitely worth your time!
  15. Bum Bum
    by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
    Sotho Hotho Ro Sotho Hotho Ro
    Andromeda's second album Bum Bum is a marvelous venture into the many bizarre escapades of 21st century music. It certainly is strange--no doubt--but not a frightening or anxious experience--which is so often the case with much contemporary music--instead it is a light hearted and jolly kind of strange!
  16. goajtskra
    by forbnl
    light machine light machine
    Goajtskra is an abstract tapestry of electronics and samples. The music is unrelenting, a surreal maximalism, and yet the sounds and samples achieved are of an almost peaceful timbre. Definitely worth 16 minutes of your time. Hope to hear more from Forbnl in the future!
  17. FeatherWolf
    by FeatherWolf
    Wolven Trials Wolven Trials
    This is the self-titled debut album from FeatherWolf and what a debut it is! Listeners will be confronted head on with highly complex and academic progressive rock that relies heavily on polyphonic textures and rhythms. These textures and rhythms are incredibly intense and yet, at the same time, happy and light. There is also a heavy influence from video game music on display here that some listeners will find quite enjoyable. Hope to hear more FeatherWolf in the future!
  18. Cicatrices
    by Charles Barabé
    B B
    '''thi"s --is very... veerryy... veeerrrryyyy... l0ong a?nd strung out.!; (147}... collage samplin*g. I su9Pose. ...So - CHECK !t OUT. ----_---- ..and sta(y) tuned ---> 4or f--->uther UpdaTe2? (pending...)
  19. Kites Over Havana
    by The Vitral Saxophone Quartet
    Wapango (Saxophone Quartet) Wapango (Saxophone Quartet)
    It has been a while sense I've bought anything on Bandcamp - but I saw the word "Havana" and had to check this album out. Having spent some time in Cuba, I can tell you that the musicians on Kites Over Havana do a wonderful job in capturing the feel of the city. Especially, with the opening track Wapango. Give it a try! How often do you get to hear a Saxophone Quartet, anyways?
  20. Die Trommel Fatale
    by Brandon Seabrook
    Emotional Cleavage Emotional Cleavage
    I was first introduced to Brandon Seabrook through the work of his trio Seabrook Power Plant - who put out two incredible albums! Go check them out. Sense then, he's fallen a bit off the radar for me. Though, I am very much looking forward to the release of Die Trommel Fatale sometime next year.