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  1. Dead Combo e as Cordas da Má Fama
    by Dead Combo
    Putos a Roubar Maçãs Putos a Roubar Maçãs
    Dead Combo e as Cordas da Má Fama may very well be their best release to date. It is a subtle reinterpretation of some of their previous tunes, with new arrangements for string trio. The original intensity of many of these songs has been replaced with a more calming and passionate melancholy; leaving behind their past spaghetti western aesthetic, for a simpler chamber sound, is a welcome change to their catalogue. Definitely worth your time!
  2. Good Enough For Gringos
    by Tángalo
    Las Aguas Tranquilas Las Aguas Tranquilas
    What a wonderful tango quintet! Some tango music has the fault of feeling quite formulaic and ridged but Tangalo's music feels so much more richly textured and ponderous. Definitely worth your time!
  3. Bum Bum
    by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
    Sotho Hotho Ro Sotho Hotho Ro
    Andromeda's second album Bum Bum is a marvelous venture into the many bizarre escapades of 21st century music. It certainly is strange--no doubt--but not a frightening or anxious experience--which is so often the case with much contemporary music--instead it is a light hearted and jolly kind of strange!
  4. Vol. 1
    by Dead Combo
    Aos Zig's Zag's Aos Zig's Zag's
    Dead Combo's debut album sets about the musical journey of a Latin Spaghetti Western; something you might hear in a contemporary Sergio Leone movie that none of use will ever get to see.
  5. goajtskra
    by forbnl
    light machine light machine
    Goajtskra is an abstract tapestry of electronics and samples. The music is unrelenting, a surreal maximalism, and yet the sounds and samples achieved are of an almost peaceful timbre. Definitely worth 16 minutes of your time. Hope to hear more from Forbnl in the future!
  6. FeatherWolf
    by FeatherWolf
    Wolven Trials Wolven Trials
    This is the self-titled debut album from FeatherWolf and what a debut it is! Listeners will be confronted head on with highly complex and academic progressive rock that relies heavily on polyphonic textures and rhythms. These textures and rhythms are incredibly intense and yet, at the same time, happy and light. There is also a heavy influence from video game music of the past here that some listeners will find quite enjoyable. Hope to hear more FeatherWolf in the future!
  7. Lusitânia Playboys
    by Dead Combo
    Rak Song Rak Song
    It's summer time, the humidity is rather heavy and Dead Combo seems like the perfect accompanist. I've been listening to Dead Combo for years and they have always delivered on providing me with a Latin groove that's hot, slow, and subtle psychedelic.
  8. Cicatrices
    by Charles Barabé
    B B
    '''thi"s --is very... veerryy... veeerrrryyyy... l0ong a?nd strung out.!; (147}... collage samplin*g. I su9Pose. ...So - CHECK !t OUT. ----_---- ..and sta(y) tuned ---> 4or f--->uther UpdaTe2? (pending...)
  9. Kites Over Havana
    by The Vitral Saxophone Quartet
    Wapango (Saxophone Quartet) Wapango (Saxophone Quartet)
    It has been a while sense I've bought anything on Bandcamp - but I saw the word "Havana" and had to check this album out. Having spent some time in Cuba, I can tell you that the musicians on Kites Over Havana do a wonderful job in capturing the feel of the city. Especially, with the opening track Wapango. Give it a try! How often do you get to hear a Saxophone Quartet, anyways?
  10. Die Trommel Fatale
    by Brandon Seabrook
    Emotional Cleavage Emotional Cleavage
    I was first introduced to Brandon Seabrook through the work of his trio Seabrook Power Plant - who put out two incredible albums! Go check them out. Sense then, he's fallen a bit off the radar for me. Though, I am very much looking forward to the release of Die Trommel Fatale sometime next year.
  11. Doom Salad
    by Doom Salad
    Relax Drank Relax Drank
    Doom Salad's really been tossing them out as of late. Two albums within the course of a month? They must have come across some abandoned back alley studio - dusted off the mics, set up the cot's, and laid down some sick grooves.
  12. Further, Unafraid, Into the Light
    by Doom Salad
    Little Tiny Monkey, Chillin in the Corner of my Pocket, Wearing a Diaper, All That Shit Little Tiny Monkey, Chillin in the Corner of my Pocket, Wearing a Diaper, All That Shit
    Doom Salad’s creative impulses are almost unexplainable. They’re just… so… damn… good! That’s really what it comes down to. In terms of comparison, the only thing I can think of is some of Upsilon Acrux’s work (especially Radian Futura). Though, Doom Salad would be Upsilon Acrux's smooth jazz equivalent. So, that just goes to show how unique these guys are. I can only hope they continue to create such an incredible musical array!
  13. ISAM
    by Amon Tobin
    Piece Of Paper Piece Of Paper
    A cascading tapestry of electro-acoustical energy plummeting toward a spatial terminus, Amon Tobin's ISAM is the demonstration of such phenomena. It is the musical representation of auditory collapse and reconstitution - built upon the continual resonance of that which came before it. ISAM exists only on the subatomic level, filled to the brim inside the dichotomy of collision and separation.
  14. VOBO
    by VOBO
    Fractales Fractales
    My most poignant observation of VOBO's self titled EP is its mere enjoyability. It's a straightforward little EP that simply... feels good! It's a joy to the ears, it opens a window about the brain, and accompanies well throughout the day!
  15. Floral EP
    by Floral
    Balancing Act Balancing Act
    Floral's EP is a brilliant little escapade into contemporary progressive rock. As I've said in past reviews, I have my issues with "Math Rock" - being that the majority of it takes place in common time and really doesn't fluctuate with mathematics all too often - this is no exception. But Floral's EP is still a great opening that hits the right notes throughout. I look forward to their future material.
  16. glitch jazz
    by SKNAIL
    The Snail Part. 2 The Snail Part. 2
    Sknail's futuristic escapade into jazz begins here with Glitch Jazz. It's a noir album for the cybernetic private detective. Each and every blip devoid of free will - a systemic symmetry. Though, it cannot quite contain the themes of improve spread out the whole and back again.
  17. Double Trouble Two
    by Barry Guy & London Jazz Composers Orchestra feat. Irène Schweizer, Marilyn Crispell, Pierre Favre
    Part I Part I
    Double Trouble Two is a long form jazz epic of monumental proportion! It imbibes the manifold betwixt two folding seas of jazz caught within eternal conflict and strife. Their clashing waves can produce nothing but shear panic and awe - for these two soundscapes will never compose a harmony. Some seriously epic jazz right here!
  18. Candlewolff ov Thee Golden Chalice
    by SUNN O)))
    Candlewolff ov Thee Golden Chalice Candlewolff ov Thee Golden Chalice
    Now, I am generally not a fan of minimalist and/or drone oriented music - I come from the more maximalist tradition - but there was something about SUNN O)))'s Candlewolff ov Thee Golden Chalice which I could not help but admire. Its impenetrable doom and malice could darken any soul... and the cover art is great too!
  19. The Living Sounds of
    by Mahogany Frog
    Part 3a Part 3a
    Mahogany Frog's The Living Sounds of sounds as if a few gnomes got together, after a long hard days work within the gardens, and formed a progressive rock band! A grand album and significant first achievement!
  20. CalifornicationⅡ
    by sajjanu
    293 Steps 293 Steps
    Sajjanu's second album Californication II just stands as a stone hardened testament to the absolute musical prowess of these guys. They continue to put out some of the most jaw droppingly complex musical ditties in the realm of Punk Jazz!
  21. Can You Hear Me?
    by Joëlle Léandre
    Can You Hear Me? Can You Hear Me?
    Joelle Leandre's large ensemble work Can You Hear Me? is an exercise in the 21st century understanding of musical form. It is one of those pieces that is difficult to describe - you just have to hear it for yourself... if you can?
  22. Yesterday
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Kadhja Bonet's cover of The Beatles song Yesterday is an exquisite makeover of a popular tune. She injects mystique and mystery into each coral line. A nice edition to her ever growing line of singles.
  23. Snail Charmers
    by SKNAIL
    I shot the robot I shot the robot
    SKNAIL's Snail Charmers is a kind of futuristic jazzism that paints the picture of some dystopian technological debacle in which the man monitors, with surgical precision, even those who listen to the more avant-garde of tunes and deems them a threat to society. It's an inherently political statement. This should be required listening for those who profess Hip-Hop and Rap to be the only real medium - so they can sense the sound of real creative genius within a genre so full of flaw.
  24. Alarm Will Sound presents Modernists
    by Alarm Will Sound
    Revolution 9 (arr. Marks) Revolution 9 (arr. Marks)
    Alarm Will Sound continues to put out some of the most impressive arrangements for large ensemble I've ever heard. Just listen to them preform an arrangement of the Beatles' Revolution 9 and you'll see. Impressive work, can't wait for the full release!
  25. Jesse Sparhawk - Peace Peace Peace
    by Psychic Troubles Tapes
    Golden Rule Golden Rule
    Jesse Sparhawk's Peace Peace Peace is a perfect blend of the ancient world and modern jazz improve. He handles the harp well within the confines of both harmony and discord - never straying too far toward one side or another.
  26. This Love
    by Kadhja Bonet
    Kadja Bonet continues to put out incredible single after incredible single. This Love is no different.
  27. Un Autre Voyage (HD033)
    by Marie Davidson
    Excès de vitesse Excès de vitesse
    Marie Davidson's Un Autre Voyage is my next step down a newly built appreciation for Synthwave. This is music for a dark night drive - shady and foreboding - it raises the hairs, tightens the grip, and invades your space.
  28. Sun Hop Fat
    by Sun Hop Fat
    Tortoise Tortoise
    Ever sense hearing Sun Hop Fat's EP years ago, I've been waiting and hoping for a full length album... AND IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! It's everything I ever wanted it to be! Trippy, psychedelic, Ethio-jazz-supa'-funk! Jump on this while it's hot.
  29. Unfolding
    by John Kameel Farah
    Crystalline Crystalline
    I was first introduced to John Kameel Farah with his album Between Carthage and Rome - but I didn't even think to look for any older material he had put on Bandcamp. Between Carthage and Rome is a great album - but Unfolding blows it out of the water! This is an incredible fusion masterwork right here!
  30. Trauma13
    by sajjanu
    Metal xxx Metal xxx
    Sajjanu's Trauma13 is quite a chaotic and traumatic display of brutally punkish tendencies. That being said, Trauma13 doesn't even come close to comparing with the absolutely astounding "we don't give a fuck what you think" attitude of Sajjanu's first album Pechiku and Quebec (even though it flirts with some of its themes). Trauma13 is a good album but just a bit too friendly and forgiving for me.
  31. Pulsion
    by Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
    En Sursis En Sursis
    Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra provide us with a very cinematic experience with their album Pulsion. This would fit nicely alongside some film like Bullet or some Blaxploitation film of the 70's. And, in all honesty, I'm in desperate need of some jazzy funk-master fusion for my vinyl collection.
  32. I Paint
    by Sonia Bricout
    I am not one who typically buys one song off of an album, but I just could not justify purchasing the entirety of Ceux qui me manquent. That being said I could not go without this one little song - I Paint. What a wistful little tune.
  33. Troubles? I Got A Bartender
    by Aging
    A Slow Submersion A Slow Submersion
    Aging's Troubles? I Got A Bartender plays like a melancholic journey into inebriation. It is slow and monotonous - which help to achieve its hypnotic affect.
  34. Rainy Days on the Common Land
    by 3/4 Peace
    Bartok Violon Concerto opening melody Bartok Violon Concerto opening melody
    So, I bought 3/4 Peace first album some time ago. It's a great piece of contemporary cool jazz. Now, with Rainy Days on the Common Land, they have out done themselves - every track on here is strong and still imbibes that cool noir flavor.
  35. Lisboa Mulata
    by Dead Combo
    Aurora em Lisboa Aurora em Lisboa
    Imagine that Cuban café - humid as hell - sippin' expresso, inhaling Cohiba, waiting for the woman across the room to return a glance. She sends a drink your way, that black market rum bought 'round the corner, down the ally, past currency exchange. Now, your hers.
  36. A Bunch of Meninos
    by Dead Combo
    Povo Que Caís Descalço Povo Que Caís Descalço
    So, I had the opportunity to go to Cuba a few weeks ago, for an academic studies trip concerned with U.S./Cuban foreign policy and I was in desperate need of some Latin tunes to make my stay in Havana feel all the more real. Dead Combo put the 'credible' into my incredible journey through Cuba!
  37. Chamber Music - Federico Mompou
    by Marcel Worms
    Damunt de tu només les flors Damunt de tu només les flors
    I am not that familiar with Mompou - though, I believe, this album presents a nice introduction to him. I would qualify this as very (VERY) late impressionism - though there are other elements present here of which I am unable to pin down at the moment. I suppose, various elements of 20th Century Classical - though, I hate using that label.
  38. Primate Choir EP
    by Primate Choir
    Tiger Pulse Tiger Pulse
    As an EP, this is fine. It provides enough to understand the feeling the artist wishes to imbibe within the listener. That being said, a bit more diversity - not just from track-to-track but within the individual songs themselves - would be welcomed to the occasion. Let it be known, I do enjoy the feeling this EP exposes but I desire just a bit more complexity. I look forward to a full length album, in the future.
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  39. Ichneumonidae (Official Soundtrack)
    by Toby Driver, Timba Harris, Russell Greenberg
    The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun
    I've been a fan of Toby Drivers work for quite some time now - mostly, his work that strays away from the more metal side of things. Ichneumonidae is just that - a personal, introspective, chamber suite. If you enjoy this, make sure you check out the album Sixty Metonymies, by Tartar Lamb (another of Toby Driver's groups).
  40. Permutation
    by Amon Tobin
    Nightlife Nightlife
    And so, Amon Tobin – this is not your average beat maker but someone who comprises a much broader musicality and a taste for a more bizarre plater of samples. If James Bond snuffed a few lines, I would assume the musical score of his missions would sound a bit something like this. The main themes will perplex, the percussive lines will daunt, and the overall feel will leave you on edge far after the songs have concluded.
  41. Chansons D'amour
    by Matthew Bourne / Laurent Dehors
    2666 2666
    Chansons D'amour is a rather strange duet between the voice of Dehors' clarinet and the melodic tapestries of Bourne's piano. In all honesty, it is a rather difficult album to pin down, there are quite a few different styles presented here. If I had to sum it up, Contemporary/Neo Impressionism would do nicely.
  42. Vol. 2 - Quando a Alma Não é Pequena
    by Dead Combo
    A Menina Dança #1 A Menina Dança #1
    I’ve been aware of Dead Combo for some years now – they’re the band you’d find in the background of some film by Sergio Leone or Quentin Tarantino. A spaghetti of a group who on one hand play a kind of absurd cowboy ditty and on the other play a bygone ode to an idealized stomping ground of hero’s, heroines, and outlaws. It’s hot, it's sandy, and may very well end in a dual by the ol’clock tower… but it’s well worth your time….
  43. Io son Ferito
    by La Violetta
    Occhi belli (instr) - Luigi Rossi Occhi belli (instr) - Luigi Rossi
    Here we have some late renaissance/early baroque music from a milieu of composers participating in this era of musical transition. I cannot stress it enough, this music is incredible, the recording is superb, and the feeling is pure. What an incredible compilation of song!
  44. (OST)
    by Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics
    Spiritual Jazz Spiritual Jazz
    So, I first heard this album years ago... and was utterly uprooted, both physically and spiritually, by the voluptuous rhythm. Some TRUE acid jazz right here! I find it incredible that I am the first person to buy this album on Bandcamp. I guess I'm honored, but at the same time a bit saddened.
  45. Hooffoot
    by Hooffoot
    Take Five..Seven, Six, Eight, and Nine Take Five..Seven, Six, Eight, and Nine
    It's just as the man said ("the man" being Dillon Ethier); this is some "long-form retro leaning instrumental prog rock" shit right here! Now, hear me out, if you like this, make sure you check out Mahogany Frog's album 'VS Mabus' -- Trust me! You'll thank me later! Found this on Steven Effren's page.