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Christopher Grey

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  2. Electronic
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  1. 8137A - Gatherings
    by Anne Tardos
  2. 100 Years of Calypso: Walter Ferguson Volume II
    by varios artistas
  3. 100 Years of Calypso: Walter Ferguson Volume I
    by Varios Artistas
  4. Apron EP
    by My Girlfriend
  5. Ah mi guide / (Egoless remix)
    by Alter Echo & E3 meet Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique
  6. Sheffield's Best Metal Bands Vol. 1
    by Kurokuma
  7. Emperor's New Clothes LP
    by Klute
  8. Dem Nah Ready
    by Jstar meets Max RubaDub
  9. Cera Khin & Ossia - Guided Meditation
    by Cera Khin & Ossia
  10. Atlantic Oscillations
    by Quantic
  11. Le Bête Noire
    by Jean-Claude Vannier
  12. Jabu Remixes
    by Jabu / SKRS / Jay Glass Dubs
  13. Into It
    by Head High
  14. Kshatrya - The Eye of the Bird
    by Igor Wakhévitch
  15. Live at St John on Bethnal Green, London
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  16. Badman Chronicles
    by XL Mad
  17. Meets...
    by Wrongtom
  18. Honley Civic Archives Volume 2
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  19. Are You Ready?
    by Rude Kid
  20. Too Wobbleh
    by Thorpey
  21. Atlantic Oscillations - Single
    by Quantic
  22. One Hundred E.P
    by Phatworld
  23. Supergoon
    by Goonman
  24. Prophecy + Progress: UK Electronics 1978 - 1990
    by VARIOUS
  25. Watch Me Dance
    by Toddla T
  26. Survival Of The Fittest
    by Blend Mishkin x Roots Evolution
  27. Sofa (remixes)
    by The Nextmen ft Pupa Jim
  28. Sofa
    by The Nextmen ft Pupa Jim
  29. Warning
    by Seanie T
  30. Session Cork EP
    by Mr Benn & Parly B
  31. Embedded-Environments
    by Sarah Hennies
  32. Trigram 8
    by Alpha Steppa
  33. The Pentagram
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  34. Here Is A Ghost
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  35. Words For Snow
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  36. Nocturnal Activity
    by Rae & Christian
  37. War Is On Dub Style
    by The Revolutionaries/Bobby Kalphat/Phil Pratt
  38. Kunta Kinte
    by The Revolutionaries
  39. L.M.Y.E.
    by L.M.Y.E.
  40. Moonshine E.P
    by Earthworm Jim + Spongebob Squarewave
  41. VA³ (Valentino Arco)
    by Danny Playamaqui
  42. The Music From Bagpuss
    by Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner
  43. rainbow/soulfield
    by elishua
    appraisal appraisal
    Listened to this on a totally random selection and I love it. First two tracks bringing in a piano and guitar are fantastic. And then getting onto a more traditional down tempo dub sound. Really hope to hear more from elishua in the future.
  44. Self Zero
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    Teeth Upon Teeth And Limbs Dangling Beneath Teeth Upon Teeth And Limbs Dangling Beneath
    This is epic. Like the soundtrack to a big budget sci fi film in a distopian future that hasn't been made yet. Class
  45. Music From The Film Before Dawn
    by Thomas Ragsdale