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  1. 1992 (Single)
    by RIBS
  2. Truck Grind Your Face - S/T
    by Truck Grind Your Face
    I Love this Album because I was there for IT!! Too Fucking RAD this shit is on HERE !! Many a Friday nights in college at the “Punk House” on Pearl Ave !! In the converted gutted out living room . Completely Fucking Drunk and moshing elbow to elbow To this band Truckgrind playing IN the fucking living Room. Good times till the House got burned to the ground! But then again that’s truly in Punk style!
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  3. Dead Night Rush
    by Aquarium
    Coming Soon Coming Soon
    Found this band by my you tube feed. Liked so much that I had to buy the album. The band reminds me so much of BECK which have been a forever fan of . Immediately loved this album for its familiar type qualities. Kind of like a really good friend you haven’t seen in a long time, that just drops by.
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  4. Too Long (Single)
    by RIBS
    If Nine Inch Nails and the Deftones had a baby of a band this band would be IT!!! Love this song!!!
  5. new year's day
    by Oliver
    Love “New Year’s Day” because of its clever lyrics and overall positivity. 🔥track
  6. yeenreally
    by Oliver
    YeenReally first song that got me into Oliver’s music. Still his BEST song in my opinion. Straight 🔥
  7. frfr
    by Oliver
    “FrFr” goes Hard with the Bassline. Without a doubt one of my MOST favorite tracks of Oliver’s . Wish he would do more tracks like this. With the crazy fade in and experimental background. This shit 🔥🔥
  8. bape music
    by Oliver
    the ratio the ratio
    Oliver captures that 90’s vibe way to WELL. I lived it. His music puttin Out positivity . These two elements why I buy and love his tracks.
  9. things aren't that simple
    by Oliver
    ssuurrffiinn ssuurrffiinn
    Tracks always 🔥🔥. Pure 💵💵💴💵
  10. burnout
    by Oliver
    ps2 (john mayer) ps2 (john mayer)
    There’s just something about Oliver’s music that makes my mood some kinda way. Total positivity. Not my typical genre of music but then again Oliver NOT your typical artist. He’s one of a kind.
  11. Faceless
    by Greaf
  12. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
    Bloodhail Bloodhail
    landmark album.
  13. Liar in Wait/Planning for Burial Split
    by Liar in Wait
    Paper Houses Paper Houses