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  1. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
    by Xasthur
    Intro Intro
  2. 2005 Demo
    by Xasthur
    Untitled 4/05 Untitled 4/05
  3. Migration
    by Lykanthea
    Telos Telos
  4. I
    by Mother Adam
    Decomposed Decomposed
    Heavy stuff. Hardcore with some sludge metal on top. Vocals are especially great. Check it out.
  5. Bruises EP
    by Forest Of Tygers
    Bruises Bruises
    Extremely solid stuff. One of my favorite releases of 2014. The guitar work is phenomenal, the drums are spot on and the vocals complete it perfectly. I can't wait to here more from them. High suggest getting this.
  6. COVE
    by Cove
    Friendship Friendship
    What a great record. Get it now. Aggressive uptempo hardcore with sludgy undertones and badass vocals. For fans of good music.
  7. Demo
    by Orhorho
    Untitled Untitled
    Nice aggressive up tempo metal with solid gutteral vocals. Sometimes you need a record to listen to while you are speeding down the interstate and flipping off everyone going below 90 . Here you go.
  8. Container Ships
    by Kowloon Walled City
    The Pressure Keeps Me Alive The Pressure Keeps Me Alive
  9. Kowloon Walled City / Thou Split 7"
    by Kowloon Walled City / Thou
    July July
  10. Coffinworm / Fistula - Split 7"
    by Coffinworm / Fistula
    Instant Death Syndrome Instant Death Syndrome
  11. Untitled
    by Barghest
    Mourning Mourning
  12. Split
    by Barghest/False
    Heavy as a Church Tower Heavy as a Church Tower
    Great split. Love both these bands, and this release has quality material from both.
  13. 1959
    by Ellorsith
    Lichryre Lichryre
  14. Anicon
    by Anicon
    A Hole in the Shape of God A Hole in the Shape of God
    Super solid USBM. Stellar guitar work, insane drums, and gnarly vocals.
  15. Demo 2013
    by Outer Heaven
    Death Grip Death Grip
    Sounds exactly like it looks. Badass.
  16. Hammer Of Night
    by Yellow Eyes
    Cabin Filled With Smoke And Flies Cabin Filled With Smoke And Flies
    Just a phenomenal record. These guys are on the top of their game. Cabin Filled With Smoke and Flies is a ripper. Well worth the money.
  17. Split 12" with Primitive Man
    by Fister
    Fister - Life Is Short Life Is Shit And Soon It Will Be Over Fister - Life Is Short Life Is Shit And Soon It Will Be Over
    Two great sides by two stellar bands. One of my favorite splits of 2014. Fister is quickly stepping into the void left by Cough.
  18. Split 7"
    by Wolvhammer
    Slaves to the Grime (Sanford Parker Mix) Slaves to the Grime (Sanford Parker Mix)
    Solid tracks from both bands. I especially like the Wolvhammer side. Worth the listen for sure.