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  1. Paper Window
    by Jeff Pianki
    Missing Parts Missing Parts
    So the dream of being a musician, and making money at it, goes something like this. Make a couple shitty sounding albums, maybe hit the lottery third time out and make something that more than your friends want to listen to. Pianki defies description, everything he does sounds utterly perfect. Recorded at home this album is what a lot of people spending buckets of cash try to produce. He has disappeared, life sometimes catches up with you, maybe he ended on a high note. I hope he isn't bumming.
  2. Rebel Music EP
    by Kabaka Pyramid
    The Sound The Sound
    Organic and full of life. The album that made me realize that the boom bap isn't just for the boogie down Bronx. Is it too much to say that this album saved dance hall for me?
  3. Hopeton Lewis - Take It Easy With The Rock Steady Beat
    by Dub Store Records
    Why Must I Cry Why Must I Cry
    I dare you to find another album that you can listen to all day. Just take your time on the commute home. People will thank you.
  4. Into The Wild
    by Andrew Coombes
    Into The Wild Into The Wild
    In this era of complicated production and studio tricks it is nice to hear an album that is beautiful songs expressed through warm guitar and golden voice. That house show you saw when you were 20 and made you believe in the power of music
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  5. Hiero Oldies Vol 2
    by Hieroglyphics
    Batting Practice (Original Version) Batting Practice (Original Version)
    MIke Carroll and the whole EMB crew. If you were a skateboarding dirt bag, drinking Schlitz and burning trees, stuck in a garage doing kickflips, dreaming of SF and ledges for days
  6. Meanwhile...
    by Casual
    We Made You Guys We Made You Guys
  7. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    Like the Dawn Like the Dawn
  8. The Hip-Hop Affect
    by J Rawls
    HHA Intro (ft. Joshy) HHA Intro (ft. Joshy)
    To be honest, it is so rare that golden era emcee's are given a worthy canvas to paint on. The fact that Casual and Sadat X can bring it like it hasn't been brought before. Solid head snap production and a taste of the future of young rhyme sayers.
  9. All Of It Was Mine
    by The Weather Station
    Everything I Saw Everything I Saw
  10. The Bearer of Bad News
    by Andy Shauf
    You're Out Wasting You're Out Wasting
  11. I See The Sign
    by Sam Amidon
    How Come That Blood How Come That Blood
  12. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
    Candles Candles
    Songwriting that is so perfect it makes you believe that it is your inner monologue. With headphones you could be in a great indie romance. Candles, a song about old men and young girls. It is like fishing with dynamite
  13. Introduction
    by Takenobu
    Fishin' Fishin'
  14. High Life
    by Vanilla
    Way We Were Way We Were