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  1. Pulseless
    by Between The Fallen
    Darkened Lights Darkened Lights
    The album has an underground sound to it with some crazy high end vocals.
  2. The Plague King
    by Beyond Deviation
    This one track has some really sick vocals, can't wait to get more from these guys.
  3. Wretchedness 2015
    by Messenger of the Covenant
    Manipulator Manipulator
    These guys have a great old school heaviness to them while keeping it current, give it a listen.
  4. I, Godless
    by A Night In Texas
    Just brutal and awesome metal.
  5. Satan's Upheaval
    by A Night In Texas
    A great track from a killer band.
  6. Mouth Sewn Prophets
    by Signs of the Swarm
    Bring on the swarm!
  7. Sensless Order
    by Signs of the Swarm
    Bring on the swarm, I want to hear more from them!
  8. Violet Shades Of Kingu
    by Drown In Sulphur
    Groove/deathcore beats and sick vocals, whats not to love.
  9. Pain Of Mortality
    by Revelations
    These guys are cool, there is some nice variety.
  10. Crowned & Conquered (Feat Lucas Mann of Rings Of Saturn) SINGLE
    by Slaughter To Prevail
    Support the Russian Hate Project.
  11. Falling Down
    by Internal Bleeding
  12. Bow Before This Moment
    by Scribe Of Existence
    A little more of a different style than one might expect from Luke G, but not surprisingly it is awesome.
  13. Luke Griffin: Ingested - Penance
    by Luke Griffin: Ingested - Penance
    Luke is one of the best vocalists to hit the scene.
  14. Entities of Transdimensional Emergence
    by Rendered Helpless
    Enforced Extinction Enforced Extinction
    I love the album art, the music is brutal, lyrics are great, and the slams hit. If you like slamming metal give this a real chance. Go New Zealand metal.
  15. Immortalising Purgatory
    by Mental Cruelty
    Their full length album was just great, and still a frequent listen for me. This track is brutal with the slams and brees; what's not to love?
  16. Pile of Filth - Deathbringer
    by Pile of Filth
    This track got my attention on the first listen, had to pick it up! Can't wait to see what they slaughter next.
  17. Lacerated
    by Abated Mass Of Flesh
    Choked Choked
    This album and band hit hard and make it brutal (in the best way possible). Prepare yourself accordingly.
  18. Pereat Mundus
    by Mental Cruelty
    Human Evisceration Human Evisceration
    These guys fucking slam! This album hits hard and the vocals are exactly like I like: strong, brutal, and fast. The music is incredibly well done, each track not only has a good dose of brutality, but the ebb and flow of each track is very well produced.
  19. The Answer To Infection
    by Boy Eats Girl
    She Shattered Like Glass She Shattered Like Glass
    I love the pace a ferocity of this group, they come out swing and destroy non-stop the whole time. Already looking forward to the next release.
  20. Lamnia
    by Goddess Of Retribution
    Decimated Humans Decimated Humans
    These guys have good mix of vocals, their highs are screeching and lows are very guttural. All hail slam!
  21. The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch
    by Infant Annihilator
    Soil the Stillborn Soil the Stillborn
    This album just defies the known word for brutal, and whole new word needs to be invented for what these guys are; amazing.
  22. A New Code of Morality
    Eschewing the Advice Against Self-trepanation Eschewing the Advice Against Self-trepanation
    These guys have a really solid slam sound to them and the album is worth a listen if you like the really deep guttural vocals with fast beats.
  23. Behead Those Who Insult Slam - [F.E.A.T. and Cemetery Abyss collab.]
    by Fallen, Eaten Alive, Tender
    Death to all but SLAM!
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  24. Infinite Death
    by Thy Art Is Murder
    Whore To A Chainsaw Whore To A Chainsaw
    A solid brutal album, love the sound these guys put out
  25. Volume III
    by Pig Squeals And Breakdowns
    Artificial Pathogen - Maria The Tormentor Artificial Pathogen - Maria The Tormentor
    After listening to Vol. 2 had to grab Vol. 3
  26. Volume II
    by Pig Squeals And Breakdowns
    Causing The Exile - Daughters of Chaos Causing The Exile - Daughters of Chaos
    Have only listened to one track, the one by causing the exile, bought the album for this and just because, why not?
  27. Reborn Through Hate EP
    by Osiah
    The Blood Soaked Meadows The Blood Soaked Meadows
    WOW... I thought I knew what deathcore was, then I listened to this album, a whole new level of music.
  28. The Reject of Humanity
    by I, Valiance
    Part 3: Thrown To Belial Part 3: Thrown To Belial
    This album is just plain brutal awesome metal; can't get enough. These guys do not pull any punches and every track is worth the price of admission. Looking forward to another release.
  29. KKEP
    by Cocksure
    Klusterfuck Kulture Klusterfuck Kulture
    I don't even know how to describe what this band is, but damn they are good!
  30. Want
    by Wreck and Reference
    Stranger, Fill This Hole In Me Stranger, Fill This Hole In Me
    This band just does it for me; this duo knows how to power out emotions and tragedy in a hypnotic, ferocious, and lovely way.
  31. Aura
    by Saor
    Children of the Mist Children of the Mist
    Another solid album, bought the whole discography because of Guardians, this is a solid atmospheric metal album.
  32. Guardians
    by Saor
    Hearth Hearth
    This whole album just really gets me going, Hearth is a complete masterpiece beginning to end, hell the whole album is great, listen to these guys!!!!!
  33. Roots
    by Saor
    Carved in Stone Carved in Stone
    Found Guardians, bought the whole collection form this group, just awesome metal.
  34. Indifferent Rivers Romance End
    by Wreck and Reference
    Modern Asylum Modern Asylum
    I cannot say enough good things about this challenging noise/experimental group, they just do what they do at the finest level, you need to listen to this album, then go check out their other works. This album I have listened to probably 20 times over the past week, its that good.
  35. All The Way Down
    by Dead When I Found Her
    At Rest At Rest
    Just give it a listen and you will be hooked, start to finish one of the best albums I have ever listened to. The sound is so cohesive and uniform while still being varied, just amazing.
  36. 3TEETH
    by 3TEETH
    Dust Dust
    Fucking listen to 3TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. War Or Nothing
    by Pizzatramp
    Bloodlung Bloodlung
    Fuck you you fucking taxi cunts; just fucking listen to this punk shit!
  38. Love
    by Muscle and Marrow
    Sacs of Teeth Sacs of Teeth
    The is something that honestly I didn't think was in my taste. However, I put it in my wishlist and gave it a listen. WOW. Such a deep, thoughtful, and haunting album. I cannot stop listening to it, the flow from track to track is seamless and jarring at the same time, and it works. A great unexpected find; beauty in darkness.
  39. Dire Necro Cerberus I
    by Dire Necro Cerberus
    Final Universal Cataclysmic Kaos Final Universal Cataclysmic Kaos
    Brutal fast metal with great vocal sound, keep it up.
  40. The Grim Muse
    by In Twilight's Embrace
    A Wolf I Remain A Wolf I Remain
    Not sure what to call this exactly, but its great, good pace, and growling vocals, a good high tempo album.
  41. New Bermuda
    by deafheaven
    Baby Blue Baby Blue
    The follow to Sunbather had to be amazing, and trust me this album is nothing short of awesome, these guys know how to create pure black metal.
  42. The Dreaming I
    by AKHLYS
    Tides Of Oneiric Darkness Tides Of Oneiric Darkness
    Just so damn awesome, brutal, dark, and reflective. Just listen to it, take my word for it.
  43. Mirror Unveiled
    by Barbelith
    Black Hole of Fractured Reflections Black Hole of Fractured Reflections
    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this album. The preview listen I did was just an ok, but listening to the whole thing non-stop, it all came together and made sense. One of the best debut black metal albums on the market this year.
  44. Spectral Wound - Terra Nullius
    by Media Tree Recordings
    Winter Light Winter Light
    A different style of black/atmospheric metal and I like they shake it up.
  45. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
    II - The Golden Age II - The Golden Age
    Easily my vote for album of the year, I cannot stop listening to this album.