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  1. Bifurcation Of Promordial Slamateurs
    Ascariasis Evisceration Ascariasis Evisceration
    I love everything about this album, the grooves, the guttural slams, the samples, fucking buy this shit, it's just that good.
  2. Cerebral Chronicles
    by Cerebral Engorgement
    Succubus Reanimated Succubus Reanimated
    The sheer crushing awesomeness of this guttural slam cannot be overstated.
  3. FLESH STORE(Demo 2019)
    The Flesh Store The Flesh Store
    This is some out there shit, not sure exactly what it is, but is heavy, hits hard, and sounds amazing!
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    by $lutrot
    Ingesting Her Liquefied Remains Ingesting Her Liquefied Remains
    $traight up $evere $laming $ickness $licing up the $cene !!!!!!!!!
  5. Dissected Creation
    by Catatonic Profanation
    Disemboweled Corpse Disemboweled Corpse
    Start to finish this is just amazing work! I love supporting this band, if you like slam on any level you need to give this a listen!
  6. The Majesty Of Human Suffering (EP)
    by Eternal Forest
    Self Mutilation Self Mutilation
    I listen to black metal occasionally and this ep just really stood out to me as something special, I will be hoping they follow this up with a full length.
  7. Creative Suicide Methods EP
    by Cephalalgia
    Drugged DIY Hemicorporectomy Drugged DIY Hemicorporectomy
    Just love how fucking beyond brutal this gets, such good stuff here.
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  8. Cunt Slam Her With a Sledgehammer
    by Necrofuckphilia
    Groovey Slam Whores Ft. Bob X Shaw Of Cuff Groovey Slam Whores Ft. Bob X Shaw Of Cuff
    This is some crazy, grooovy, and sample heavy slam and it is amazing.
  9. Girls, Guts, Ganja
    by Gorepot / Necrofuckphilia / Bong Rips For Jesus / Syphilic Diarrhea
    Necrofuckphilia - That Death Metal Stay Blastin Ft. Joey Cashman of Goremonger Necrofuckphilia - That Death Metal Stay Blastin Ft. Joey Cashman of Goremonger
    This split is beyond any description I can give, just fucking insanely depraved and brutal.
  10. Infantile Sodomy EP
    by Infantectomy
    Sledgehammer Abortion Sledgehammer Abortion
    Filthy, filthy, filthy slam... enough said, support these guys.
  11. Sledgehammer Castration Party
    by Angelic Assblast
    Gorging On Rotted Fetal Cunt Gorging On Rotted Fetal Cunt
    This is the type of slam that just makes you feel dirty in all the places....
  12. Mundus Vult Decipi
    by Mental Cruelty
    I fuckin love how killer these guys are, a great band with a killer vocalist. I will support them every chance I get! This track is crazy for sure, I still rank most of Purgatorium above this track, but there is plenty to love here.
  13. Necrophilic Underaged Slut Fuck Decapitation
    by Embryonic Decay
    These guys are just consistently, unjustly, insanely, mercilessly brutal.....
  14. Penetrated and buried at sea EP
    by Embryonic Decay
    Assulted and killed 47 victims Assulted and killed 47 victims
    This EP is some truly underground, under-produced, and vile sounding slam- and it is amazing.
  15. Pedophilic online search for ten year olds feat. kade beien
    by embryonic decay
    Sheer fucking brutal in your face slam.
  16. Entrail Masturbation EP
    by Embryonic Decay
    Barbarian Club Annihilation Barbarian Club Annihilation
    Hide any innocence you have, this EP will take it and kill it.
  17. slamented entrails ep
    by Embryonic Decay
    Nightmare on slam street Nightmare on slam street
    I love that this sounds like its in the next room.
  18. Decorate The Sevared
    by Embryonic Decay
    Pre-teen Post-Mortem Desecration Pre-teen Post-Mortem Desecration
    oooo damn! that is some dirty slam!
  19. Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg
    by Fatuous Rump
    Hellbroth Hellbroth
    Come for the groovy goodness; stay for the ridiculous vocals... o and have some monstrous slams for dessert.
  20. Rancid Vexations
    by Catatonic Profanation
    Father of the Void (ft. Eli Vincent of Dehumanize) Father of the Void (ft. Eli Vincent of Dehumanize)
    This band always takes brutality to the next level in a few short tracks. I fucking love these slams!
  21. Callus
    by Double-Barrel Vasectomy
    Leisures and Leisons Leisures and Leisons
    These fucking guys go crazy start to finish! I cannot wait for a full length from them; the slams and jarring drums are brutal!
  22. Chemical Obliteration
    by MDMA
    Distilled In Hydrochloric Hatred Distilled In Hydrochloric Hatred
    Holy shit, the fucking chemcial reaction in my brain to this brutality has me overdosing on the slams!!!! Get ready for a brutal high that will destroy your brain cells with no mercy!
  23. Intergalactic Armageddon
    by Necroexophilia
    Hyperspace Homicide Hyperspace Homicide
    This is some shit that comes from space with groves, grinds, gutturals, and brutality of another level than we humans are prepared for. Fucking prepare yourself for the carnage!
  24. The Sickness Of The Holy Inquisition
    by Baalsebub
    Torment Of The Slow Rectal Impalement Torment Of The Slow Rectal Impalement
    This shit will torture you without pause or mercy; it is fucking relentlessly brutal. Prepare your body for the punishment!
  25. Gluttonous Mastication of Embryonic Remnants
    by Embryectomy
    Postpartum Psychosis Cannibalism Postpartum Psychosis Cannibalism
    What to say about these guys... they are feasting on everyone else in the game; just fucking brutality and truly evil slams like no one else.
  26. FLESH
    by FLESH
    This is some straight heavy, down and dirty good old non stop kill your body slam- and it is great.
  27. You Should Have Died When I Killed You
    by Guttural Corpora Cavernosa
    I Want to See the Light Leave Your Eyes I Want to See the Light Leave Your Eyes
    This is some nasty, dirty, chuggy, groovy, filthy, and brutal slam... it will chew you up and spit you the fuck out! I can not recommend it enough!!!!!!!
  28. Totalitarian Dystopia
    by Acrania
    Disillusion in a Discordant System Disillusion in a Discordant System
    This might just be greatest deathcore album ever. The final track is perfect. SEND THEM TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE!
  29. The Australian Dream EP
    by Owed To Damnation
    The Abyss The Abyss
    I had an itch for some good abrasive sounding deathcore and this EP delivers. Great sounds from these guys and hopefully a full length is to follow soon. Australia just knows how to do deathcore the best!
  30. Awaiting The Fist [Re-Release]
    Fill Every Hole Fill Every Hole
    this fist hits fucking hard so be ready for it! These guys do some down and dirty guttural slam in the best way, a great re-release.
  31. Indulged in Human Survival Instincts
    by Pestilectomy
    Splattered Human Chunks Splattered Human Chunks
    Pestilectomy is becoming my favorite brutal slam band. Buy their shit and enjoy the carnage.
  32. Traumatomy - transformation into a putrid mass UG # 4
    by Traumatomy
    Traumatomy - Impregnated with Pus Traumatomy - Impregnated with Pus
    O how the groves and slams are so good on this album!!!!! A must listen if you need some groovy dirty slam in your life.
  33. Aborted and Slaughtered CD
    by Internal Devour
    Rape Induced Coma Rape Induced Coma
    This shit slams so hard my brain might have irreversible trauma.
  34. Parasitic Devourment
    by Catatonic Profanation
    Ritualistic Tourture (ft. Matthew Plunkett of Abated Mass of Flesh) Ritualistic Tourture (ft. Matthew Plunkett of Abated Mass of Flesh)
    These guys just go crazy on every second of every track.
  35. Euphoric Dismemberment
    by Catatonic Profanation
    Drowned in Vermin Seepage (ft. Niko Apostolakis of Left to Drown) Drowned in Vermin Seepage (ft. Niko Apostolakis of Left to Drown)
    The slams are real, the fucking vocals are from some unreal place- where few can return with their sanity.
  36. Atrocities from Beyond
    Ferocious Aftermath Ferocious Aftermath
    Some groovy and grindy slaming shit from another universe, and it will rip you up and slaughter your kind!
  37. Upon A Throne Of Greed
    by Human Error
    Billions Made As Millions Die (ft. Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator) Billions Made As Millions Die (ft. Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator)
    Luke Griffin just going all out assault mode and I fucking love it! If you like your slam with some extra bree check this out!
  38. Purgatorium
    Vicarius Filii Dei Vicarius Filii Dei
    Was so excited to hear this shit and it did not disappoint! The demonic motherfuckers slam so fucking filthy and I love every second of it!
  39. Unhuman Forms Prevail
    by Purefilth
    Half-Finished Human Half-Finished Human
    This album is sooo fucking heavy! It will break those who are not worthy to listen to its slamming reign of brutality!
  40. Promo 2017
    by Capital Punishment
    Chainsaw Heretic Chainsaw Heretic
    Slamming beatdown? Sure, why not! These guys have a good sound, be interested to see more from them.
  41. Purification
    by Aberrant Construct
  42. Ripped in Fucking Half
    by Aberrant Construct
  43. Xergotron, the Xmas humans eater
    by Hurakan
    Ho ho ho Motherfuckers!!!!!
  44. Down Of Charles
    by Down Of Charles
    Exterminio Exterminio
    Found out about this off the 164 beatdown crew. This sound is unique and I really dig the crazy ass searing vocals.
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  45. Slampocalypse
    by Gutrectomy
    Deepthroat Decapitation Deepthroat Decapitation
    Holy fucking brutal Batman! This shit will knock your socks off and beat you to death with them. I cannot say enough good things about this release.