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Christo Morehead

  1. Asheville, North Carolina
  2. Metal
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  1. birds / surfers
    by Plini
  2. yeah whatever
    by Owane
  3. Dark Mirror
    by Echo Spiral
  4. Dunno
    by Owane
  5. Star Mirror
    by Astrophe
  6. Cosmogenesis
    by grumusic
  7. I
    by Plini / Sithu Aye
  8. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
  9. They Stole My Crayon
    by They Stole My Crayon
    by Special Providence
    by Special Providence
    Soul Alert Soul Alert
    Top-notch production teeming with incredible musicianship, melodic hooks, and rife with the soaring peaks and quiet valleys that truly define what progressive music is all about.
  12. Natural Evolution
    by HAAMOJA
    Adrift Adrift
    It's hard not to become infected by HAAMOJA's industrious, contrapunctal songwriting skills and unique karaoke-esue reverb-saturated-retro-synth noodling that seem impossibly meshed with soaring virtuoso guitars and groove-infused low-end moments. If Animals As Leaders ever teamed up with Bruce Hornsby to write soundtrack for Chinese video games, they would undoubtedly consult HAAMOJA for pointers.
  13. Planet Geisha
    by Cartoon Theory
    Planet Geisha V The Murmuring Of Tokyo's Anthill Planet Geisha V The Murmuring Of Tokyo's Anthill
    Incredibly unique, genre-bending electroprog that sets the bar fairly high in terms of guest musicianship. CT keeps a rhythmic tension brewing that continually rewards on each consecutive listen.
  14. Colors
    by Axel B. Egenæs
  15. Liberation
    by Haamoja
  16. Threes & Fours (...and Fives)
    by Axel B. Egenæs
  17. Still Life
    by Pocket Size Universe
  18. Contrast
    by Clément Belio
  19. Atlas
    by Plini
  20. 1745 7381 3265 2578
    by Plini