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  1. American Love Call
    by Durand Jones & The Indications
  2. Autumn
    by James Dey
    Weightless Weightless
    I like Fies' voice, too. It's beautiful them singing together.
  3. Aquamarine
    by Ash Walker
  4. Clap Your Hands
    by The Lewis Express
    Dança De Duas Mãos Dança De Duas Mãos
    The more I listen the more I love - amazing variety of rhythm patterns, subtile melodies. It is getting harder naming a favorite track. At the moment it is ...
  5. Black Pumas
    by Black Pumas
    Touch The Sky Touch The Sky
    Amazing! I was just caught by ' Fire' on the Bandcamp weekly Show and fascinated by the whole album. Great guitar, most soulful voice, also nice combination with brass on 'Touch the sky'. Fantastic debut, love it!
  6. Summer
    by James Dey
  7. Mi Vida Local
    by Atmosphere
    Virgo Virgo
    by Gabriel Kahane
  9. Spring
    by James Dey
  10. Mean Love
    by SINKANE
    Omdurman Omdurman
    Sinkanes' sensual high voice captured me right from the first listening.
  11. Imani - "Out Of The Blue"
  12. XX
    by Baba Zula
  13. Cosmic Vibrations Compiled by Zeb Samuels
    by Various
  14. A Long Engagement
    by Nickodemus
  15. Echo Chamber Deluxe
    by Deep Heads
  16. DWNR
    by deM atlaS
    Dandelions Dandelions
    I actually love all deM atlaS music. He's versatile, from angry young man to thoughtful poetry. I saw him lately in a show with Atmosphere in Berlin, most sympathic guy! I don't know why but he often talks right from my soul.
  17. From The Land Of The Wicked King
    by De Dionyso / Meek / Rico
  18. Transmagnetic
    by Valentino Mora
  19. World Sprituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda
    by Alice Coltrane
  20. Bad Actress
    by deM atlaS
    Can It Fall Can It Fall
    Great album, gorgeous voice! Looking forward to next stuff.
  21. The Midnight Hour
    by The Midnight Hour
    So Amazing feat Luther Vandross So Amazing feat Luther Vandross
    very sensual sound, that goes straight to the heart :D
  22. Back From The Brink
    by Kourosh Yaghmaei
  23. Open My Eyes EP
    by ONIPA
  24. Aventine
    by Agnes Obel
  25. Monterey
    by The Milk Carton Kids
    Secrets Of The Stars Secrets Of The Stars
    Didn't even know I liked folk at all until I heard this sound. Beautiful young voices singing melancholic thoughtful tunes, perfect acoustic guitars - love all they did.
  26. All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn't Do
    by The Milk Carton Kids
  27. The Ash & Clay
    by The Milk Carton Kids
  28. Work Money Death
    by Tony Burkill
  29. The Girl with the Green Shoes
    by Melanie Charles
  30. T.REX - Bang A Gong (Get It On) (Jay-K's Extended Rework)
    by jay-k
  31. Embryo
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
    Saw Acosta Danza dance to his music, was fascinated, looked for this man at Bandcamp and got it all!
  32. Ki
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
  33. Kingdom
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
  34. The World At The End Of The World
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
  35. Requiem
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
  36. A Thousand Shepherds
    by Vincenzo Lamagna
  37. Lean On Me
    by Ady Suleiman
  38. False Idols
    by Tricky
    Parenthesis is inner explosion, somebody's sins reminds me of Patty Smith who I always loved. Great album!
  39. ununiform
    by Tricky
    Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite and Tati) Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite and Tati)
    Love Tricky's tunes whenever dealing with the darker shades of Life.
    Brillant for Trauma dancing
    Every Song a thorn in my flesh.
  40. WOJTEK MAZOLEWSKI QUINTET London/Theme De Yoyo 12” LQ 007
    by Lanquidity Records
  41. Be Afraid
    by So Much Light
    My most fave at the moment.
    I could dance to that music all day through!
  43. MARVIN GAYE - Mercy, Mercy Me (Jay-K's ReWork)
    by jay-k
  44. Son Little
    by Son Little
  45. Live At The Union Chapel
    by The Milk