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Christian Bruun

  1. Tromsø, Norway
  2. Electronic
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  1. Bone Sucka
    by Pangaea
  2. The Anticlimax
    by OCB
  3. ГОСТ011: АЭМ Ритм-Каскад "Литьё"
    by Flaty
  4. Tresen 002
    by Tresen
  5. Tresen 3
    by Tresen
  6. Tresen 001
    by Tresen
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. ocp - soon
    by ocp
  8. Skylark
    by Nukubus
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. in loving memory of ambition
    by DJ.Booth & Whybe
  10. Null 212
    by Kosh
  11. Distant Systems - [FS008]
    by Derek Carr
  12. Loose Legs
    by Demuja
  13. ...Rir Igjen
    by Pistol & Bart
  14. Botanic House Vol. 1 - Arecaceae
    by Various Artists
  15. Prima Norsk 4
    by Beatservice Records
  16. U S S R (Ur Social Status Resistance)
    by Various Artists
  17. Meantime Lifetime
    by Benjamin Mørk
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Mondo Hehe EP
    by Lutto Lento
  19. Grace Jones - Pull Up The Bumper (discomofo Rework)
    by Discomofo
  20. Abracadabra
    by B.O.M
  21. FORZA.08
    by Gomorra
  22. Fairchildren
    by Ott.
  23. Golden Boy
    by The Model
  24. Second Spring
    by Miajica
  25. FORZA.01
    by Dharma & Kalli
  26. FORZA.03
    by E110101
  27. FORZA.05
    by Neon
  28. FORZA.02
    by Contemporist
  29. FORZA.04
    by Adam
  30. Padme
    by Gomorra & Dersu
    Underwater Underwater
    Sweet release. Tropical-sounding it migh be, but I'm pretty sure it'll work in the Norwegian winter too!
  31. MMII
    by Ott
    Joyful Wonder Joyful Wonder
    Ott is Ott. So, Ott = <3
  32. Clubwerks Christmas Compilation
    by Clubwerks
    Wow! lot's of percussive harshness of the good kind bubbeling in this release. Origami/Clubwerks rides again!
  33. Drunk at the Jazz Club EP (HLR#003)
    by Zanzibar Chanel
    I like to get drunk at the jazz-club, so what's not to love and relate.
  34. Prythm
    by Point d'Orgue
  35. Downward Causation
    by Lattice
  36. Gwidingwi Dema
    by Clap! Clap!
  37. Keep Me Logged In
    by JoeFarr
  38. Boring Apparatus
    by Volor Flex & Encode
  39. Elevated
    by Iamnobodi
  40. Die Gracefully ft. DH the Mythicalifornian
    by Thriftworks
  41. Mihá Ja Gievrra
    by Lovisa Negga
  42. Orphan Fire (PHM Remix)
    by Borealis
    appears in 1 other collection
  43. Julius Sylvest - ¡Caramba!
    by Julius Sylvest