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  1. Bells of Awakening
    by Visigoth
  2. Parallel Process
    by Barracuda Bomb
    Monachopsis Monachopsis
    Consistent sound and theme throughout the album. I have a few songs on here that I really like, but I think monachopsis is my favorite.
  3. Haunted Mansion
    by Michaël Ghelfi
  4. Solitude
    by Cloudkicker
    Ashtabula Ashtabula
    The theme is oppressive and really accentuates the isolation felt in the pandemic and I love it.
  5. Bar Room Brawl
    by Sword Coast Soundscapes
  6. Shadowcatcher (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina)
    by Starcadian, Ian Urbina
  7. Tavern Party
    by Sword Coast Soundscapes
  8. Quiet Tavern
    by Sword Coast Soundscapes
  9. Damp Cave
    by Sword Coast Soundscapes
  10. Night of the Hunt: The Blood Moon
    by Alex Roe
  11. Super Nova
    by Magic Sword & Droid Bishop
  12. The Garden Of Existence
    by Widek
  13. The Disk Hunter
    by Waveshaper
    The Disk Hunter The Disk Hunter
  14. Endless
    by Magic Sword
  15. Unending
    by Cloudkicker
  16. Crimson Tooth
    by Disasterpeace
  17. SIGIL - The MIDI Soundtrack
    by James Paddock
    Hate Machine Hate Machine
    Amazing soundtrack. Sounds and feels just like classic doom and the opening track is really reminiscent of the atmosphere of e3m1. I was very glad this soundtrack was the default.
  18. The Call of the Void
    by Cracked Machine
  19. RPG Ambiences Vol. 1
    by Michaël Ghelfi
  20. Homebound
    by Sithu Aye