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  1. Kalimantan
    by Boris Lelong
    Maruwai Maruwai
  2. Incubation
    by Boris Lelong
    Incubation : Movement 1 Incubation : Movement 1
    What Boris does with ambience is to give it vocal apparatus; a human voice. Not content to simply play in a new note or texture, he often applies voicing to the attack and development of the sound. So much of the music thereby ends up feeling warm, organic and almost vocal.
    (The master of this of course is Eno - just listen to Reflection or -
    as this album reminds me - Thursday Afternoon, for how much interest can be brought to a few notes).

  3. Daybreak
    by Bing Satellites
    This track does similar things for me as "Sunrise, London" - builds a bed of cloud upon which gleams of light occasionally burst.
  4. Sunrise, South London, June 2016
    by Bing Satellites
    Sunrise, South London, June 2016 part one Sunrise, South London, June 2016 part one
  5. Lift a Feather to the Flood
    by Robert Rich & Markus Reuter
    Seedlings Push Through Cracks Seedlings Push Through Cracks
    DIfferent to the equally intriguing Eleven Questions collaboration, Robert and Markus have travelled together through a living landscape in uneasy motion, one which may nourish you if you traverse it, but maybe at the cost of comfort...tense and quietly exhilarating.
  6. Vestiges
    by Robert Rich
    Night Seas Luminesce Night Seas Luminesce
  7. Ambient Sleeping Pill 4
    by Various Artists
    Nearly Forgotten Nearly Forgotten
  8. Cast us to wonder
    by They themselves are beasts
    The sun, in a soul at sea The sun, in a soul at sea