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  1. Ultraviolet
    by Sidewave
  2. Manners
    by FTR
  3. the calm | the storm
    by Brave
  4. Thornstar
    by Lord Of The Lost
  5. Blue Stahli
    by Blue Stahli
  6. Cease The Day
    by IN THE WOODS...
  7. How The World Came To An End
    by Manes
  8. Arcane Astral Aeons
    by Sirenia
  9. Confluence
    by Manes
  10. Октаграмма
    by Alkonost
  11. Soma
    by SUIR
  12. Ater
    by SUIR
  13. Only Now Forever
    by The KVB
  14. Highs and Lows
    by Soft Science
  15. Hate2Love
    by In Strict Confidence
  16. Tomorrow's Shore
    by Ride
  17. The Hearth
    by Creux Lies
  18. The Devil Isn't Real and Neither Are You
    by The Philter
  19. Slow Motion Death Sequence
    by MANES
  20. Neolunar
    by Neolunar
  21. Detour
    by Soft Science
  22. Natale Tenebris
    by Celéne
  23. Maps
    by Soft Science
  24. Rêves de Novembre d'or
    by Celéne
  25. Ambition's Price
    by Graveshadow
  26. Forbidden Realms
    by KOBURG
  27. Saudade Forever
    by The Dead Mantra
  28. The Enchantress
    by KOBURG
    VIP member exclusive
  29. Pneuma
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  30. Victory Is Ours EP
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
  31. Oi Magoi
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  33. There Is Only Now
    by Secret Shine
  34. AURAS
  35. RARE
    by Hundredth
  36. The Catalyst
    by Neurotech
  37. Kestrels
    by Kestrels
    by feeble.curses
  39. Істина / Verity
    by Nokturnal Mortum
  40. Oceans
    by Principe Valiente
  41. The Lonely Sea & The Sky
    by 93millionmilesfromthesun
  42. Prédateurs (Luxus)
    by Les Discrets
  43. The Monsoon E.P.
    by Blindness
  44. Under The Milkyway... Who Cares?
    by Seasurfer
  45. Without You Near EP
    by 93MillionMilesFromTheSun